The Dr. Clown team at “Days of the City of Kladno”



The cultural season in Kladno culminated the first weekend of September with the traditional Days of the City of Kladno where you could also find the stand of C4C’s Dr. Clown initiative. Here we gave smiles to children and adults, as we have been doing for years in hospitals and children homes all around the Czech Republic.

“It’s nice to see the reactions of the people we met in hospitals and how happy they are to see us here,” says Rafal Wojas, co-founder of Chance 4 Children and Project Manager of Dr. Clown. “We have extremely positive feedback from them. Children like face painting and balloons a lot. Both light them up quite reliably,” he laughs.

Apart from these two attractions, however, visitors of Sletiště had the opportunity to support the publication of the book by our colleague Martina Pupcsiková entitled Pohádky k dočmárání (Fairy Tales to be Illustrated). Its origin, fairy tale themes and illustrations are closely connected with children. All stories Martina wrote were inspired by her two daughters. Some are cheerful, others lead to reflection, but all are unique and original.

Martina read those fairy tales to children in hospitals and they drew pictures to them, some of which you will also find in the book itself. But that’s not all. The book will also have white pages on which your child can draw a picture if he or she wishes so and become an illustrator of his or her own book, which therefore becomes a unique piece!

I thank everyone who bought the voucher for the book and those who donated it to children in hospitals,” Martina smiles. “Fairy tales have brought me and my daughters many beautiful moments, and I wish everybody to enjoy their reading.”

We would like to thank everyone who supported our organization on the Days of the City of Kladno and those who had their faces painted or balloons made and contributed to a good cause. We also thank our general partner, Kaufland Czech Republic, which donated small snacks at the event. They pleased a lot of stomachs 🙂

Wishing you wonderful days full of smiles and a warmIndian summer

Team Chance 4 Children



Author: Zuzana Sramkova