Chance 4 Jobs

More than 24.000 children and young people in the Czech Republic live in institutional care. On the threshold of adult life and usually between 18 to 26 years old, affected young adults find themselves in a challenging and difficult situation. From the relatively protected place of their foster home,  they are suddenly confronted with the harsh realities of real life. And this often without any working knowledge of how to deal with authorities, without discernible financial literacy skills and especially without the support of their natural families. They must pass the test – can they put into practice what they’ve learned in the orphanage? More often than not, without outside help, their transition into adult life is endangered and, consequently, many end up in conflict with the law and enter a downward spiral.

Reflecting on the above,  we’ve created the “Chance 4 Jobs“  program as the continuation of C4C’s  “Springboard to Life” initiative, to assist young adults in their transition from institutional care into adult and professional life.

The program aims to:

  • Provide transitioning young adults with counseling and training, i.e. writing a CV and presenting themselves in an interview, etc.
  • Introduce  selected professions in a real life environment (excursions to actual, prospective companies and factories)
  • Help in negotiating  contracts between  potential employers and the children
  • Advise potential employers on how to mentor and coach  children, taking into account their challenging background
  • Provide assistance and support for  children exiting institutions via qualified psychologists
  • Provide professional counselling in cooperation with Randstad employment coaches