Chance 4 Jobs

„It‘s important to focus on specific clients (children) and help them where to go in life. I’m pleased that many organizations switched and set off their projects in this direction.”
S. Krško, Nové Strašecí orphanage

More than 24 thousand children and young people in the Czech Republic live in institutional care. On the threshold of adult life, at age 18 (but no later than 26) years often find themselves in a difficult situation. From a relatively protected place of their foster home, all of a sudden they have to enter into real life. Often without the knowledge needed for dealing with the authorities, without underdeveloped financial literacy and especially without the support of people close to them. They must pass the test – can they put into practice what they’ve learned in the orphanage?Their caretakers are trying to prepare them for this step, pass on to them the right habits and skills that will enable them in the future to have an easier life. But without this specific help, their transition into an independent adult life is endangered.

From our experience it‘s common that after one fail of finding a job or not passing the test in a new job, the life of a young person starts to be complicated. They’re passively waiting for opportunities from the employment office, they’re giving in to loneliness and emptiness. The kids are starting to be maladjusted and fill their life with false friends and are willing to spend time with anyone who’s willing to give them some attention. Their life is therefore headed the wrong way, they adopt wrong habits, they’re lost and losing the regular rhythm of life- they lose control, stop taking care of themselves , cease looking for ways to make it work, even the simple chore of getting up on time is oftentimes lost. For the potential employer these kids are not trustworthy. And it’s becoming a vicious cycle.

On the other hand, the young people with the vision and possibly any prospective in the horizon or even an employement contract in hand have an easier start in life. They have a greater chance to keep the right habits and everything they’ve learned in the orphanage. Young people who meet the right kind of co-workers who are willing to pass on their experience and together they build something that has a meaning. Kids feel useful and don’t feel unworthy.

It’s been confirmed that the opportunity to start work immediately upon leaving the orphanage, it doesn’t only provide the needed financial support but also the possibility for a smooth personal growth in a stable environment which is crucial for survival. All the children with such an opportunity have proven time and again that they know how to work and they’re repsonsible and usually stick with the same employer.

The fact that the young people discover they can stand on thein two feet gives them needed balance and they become adults, not only in the paper but in the way they mature through personal success.

At the same time the importance of belonging and sharing their lives with someone is crucial. The safe feeling of knowing they have somebody to share their heart with. The employer is becoming a coach who helps the young person to overcome obstacles, encourage them and showing thein faith in them.

In the reflection of the above experience we’ve created a program „Chance 4 job“ as a part of „Springboard to life project“ which will help to smooth the transition of the young people from the orphanage into an adult life. We desire to instill and help the kids to use the knowledge, skill and attitudes which they acquired thanks to the care of thein care takers in the orpahanage or C4C teachers for the further development.

The project is based on the following pillars:

  • introduction of the possible proffesions in a real environment (excursions to the actual companies and factories)
  • negotiate the contact between the potential employers and the children, establish a co-operation
  • „adoption“ of a child from an orphanage by the company, leading and guiding a child by the employer – mentoring and coaching these special children
  • support to employers provided by C4C
  • providing of care, counseling, training, interview, writing CV
  • psychological counseling for the children provided by C4C
  • professional counselling provided by Randstad employment coaches