Come join us in celebration of C4C’s 20th Anniversary!

October 21st is:

Venue: Corinthia Hotel Prague, Bellevue Hall – 25th Floor, overlooking Prague
Date & Time: October 21st 2017, 19:30
Theme: The Magic of Circus and Clowns

In cooperation with Zatisi Group Catering, The Corinthia Hotel Prague and Czech National Circus Berousek and many other 100 Percenters!

Even for some of us it’s hard to believe, but on October 21st C4C is celebrating its 20th anniversary! It’s really been 20 years since Chance 4 Children started lending a helping hand to orphaned children and bringing smiles to those confronted with prolonged hospitalization.

We figured that’s reason enough to throw a party and invite all our friends and supporters to come along and celebrate with us. So, with great pleasure we would like to invite anyone reading this to join C4C’s 20th Anniversary Celebration at the Corinthia Hotel’s top floor Bellevue Hall. And don’t come alone – bring some friends or colleagues along as well.

In case you’re wondering, the 100% EVENING simply means that we would like to organize our 20th anniversary with zero expenses and have 100% of the proceeds of this evening go to C4C and the children we serve.

We had an amazing response from those we approached – old friends like Sanjiv Suri of Zatisi Catering have already declared their support and now it’s official: we’ll have an extraordinary 25th floor venue provided by the Corinthia Hotel, world class catering from Zatisi Group , TV Nova’s Marcela Skabova/Tomcikova moderating, special guests Stano Galik and Veronica Kasakova, entertainment by the Czech National Circus Berousek, TheLosers Cirque Company, music by Czech It,technical support by Samsung, and everything else provided for absolutely free by our 100 Percenters. Not a penny spent on anything! A BIG Thank You goes to all who have helped to make this unique event possible!

Can we invite you to become one of our 100 Percenters as well – simply by attending?

Our fundraising goal for the evening is a minimum of 1 million CZK, to ensure the future continuance and sustainability of our initiatives for children in need and at risk. There is no entrance fee, but to help us reach our lofty goal, we would like to ask a special anniversary donation of CZK 5000 per person or CZK 25.000 for six tickets into our “Anniversary Pot”. It’s really not so much, considering you’ll have another 20 years to save up for C4C’s next anniversary event in 2037, right…? 😉

All donors will receive a tax-deductible donation contract from C4C. There will also be an honorable mention of your name or company (logo), in a specially created event page on our website.

Besides Sanjiv Suri, we invited some real movers and shakers and celebrities, so it will also be a great opportunity for networking and socializing – beside the sheer joy of participating in something meaningful and special. So, if nothing earth-shaking is on your schedule for this evening, please mark the day and come celebrate with us! Get one, two or six tickets, bring your friends, family or colleagues – it will be a extraordinary evening with great food and drinks and many surprises.

So, if interested, simply write us a short message, confirming your attendance to: m.szabova@c4c.cz We will then forward the invitation and all particulars right away.

We are looking forward to spend an meaningful and unique evening with all attending. See you there!

The C4C Team