HELPMATE – the online, educational platform for educators in children’s homes

When working with children in children’s homes (CH), we found our work to be much more effective if we work closely with resident educators. Investigating further, we found that there is only a minimum of specific governmental educational training specifically designed for the target group of educators in CH. Furthermore, because of shifts and rotation in their schedules it is difficult to organize training for educators and be assured of their participation. However, the soft-skills, motivation and satisfaction of educators fundamentally influence our work with children and their overall development.

With this in mind, we created the online HELPMATE platform as a space for self-education and community sharing for the staff of children’s homes. The goal is to have a long-term positive impact on the community of educators, contribute to their sustainable self-education and thus prevent their burnout and turnover. The HELPMATE platform combines e-learning and online education. The core principle is online education in short chunks and available at any time. Individual topics (modules) are covered in several parts – using short educational segments, videos, case studies, tests and games. Finally, there is also an online meeting – webinar – for each topic.

Individual modules are usually for 5 weeks and contain 8 tasks. Educators can do these whenever they have time – they usually take 20-30 minutes a week. The total time allocation of individual modules is 5 to 6 hours.

In 2022, C4C obtained the accreditation of the Ministry of Education and Culture for HELPMATE and its educational modules.

To enter the platform, one needs to complete the first module – how to manage ANGER! Subsequently, the educator can join any other available module – according to the timetable, see below.

Plan for 2023-24

Beginning End Modul
18.9.2023 18.10.2023 How to work on the development of children
30.10.2023 6.12.2023 How to teach children to PLAN their time 
8.1.2024 8.2.2024 How to manage ANGER 
29.1.2024 7.3.2024 Communication by SCARF
18.3.2024 25.4.2024 How to recognize BULLYING 
13.5.2024 19.6.2024 How to process DISAPPOINTMENT
13.5.2024 19.6.2024 Jak zpracovat ZKLAMÁNÍ
On 02.08,2022 Chance 4 Children z.s. received accreditation from the Czech Ministry of Education to be able to train and teach the staff and the educators in children´s homes! MŠMT-21509/2022-1-705
Contact: Markéta Franke, tel.: 725 593 424, email:

The platform runs on the Scholasticus system (, registration takes place by e-mail to

HELPMATE in numbers:

Start: November 2021
Number of available modules: 6
Number of children’s homes involved: 27
Number of educators involved: 228
Number of module completion certificates issued: 375
Number of viewed lessons: 4,075

Average grade – feedback on how the Helper concept scored (Best- 1, worst-5): 1.56


Ing. Monika Kavanová, Ph.D. – lecturer, mentor, consultant, specialist in career counselling, lecturer at the University of the Czech Republic, more than 25 years of experience in international management and consulting, CTU ASŘ in investment construction, VŠE management and economics, CIPD Certificate in Training Practice,

M.Sc. Jaroslava Haĺková – e-learning specialist, Co-founder of the company Zobárna (concept of e-learning education),

M.Sc. Kateřina Kopečná – psychologist, has been working for 10 years as a school psychologist, child group psychologist.

Mgr. Pavel Wieser – psychologist and lecturer, 12 years of specialization in adult education,

Ing. Markéta Franke – Chairwoman Chance 4 Children Foundation, lecturer, e-learning specialist, actively working with children in orphanages for 8 years, experienced mentor, IT management for 25 years.

Petra Erguvanli – Springboard to Life Project Manager at Chance 4 Children, working with orphanage management since 2017

Feedback from staff and educators in children´s homes:

How to manage ANGER module:

“It was pleasant, not time-consuming, while completing the tasks one could think in peace without disturbing elements… I am satisfied; there wasn´t anything that would not suit me.” (Teacher, CH Zvíkovské Podhradí)

“I was satisfied with the course in all respects. In my profession as an educator in a children’s home, anger management is often necessary. I mostly already knew the information that the course offers and I am glad the course confirmed it. In connection with anger and managing the workload in my profession, it is necessary for me. I liked the online environment, the discussions, there was no pressure and I could do it at any time and come back again.” (Educator, CH Ledce)

“I was satisfied that I could complete the course online and at a time that suited me, everything could be adjusted well. It was good to expound on the issue and to be more aware of it in specific situations. I liked that I could choose from strategies and not only one of them was mandatory. Thank you.” (Teacher, CH Pyšela)

How to deal with LYING module

Hello! Simple concept, everything suited me: the time distribution of the course.  During the online meetings I also came to appreciate the personal experience of my colleagues. (Educator, CH Klánovice)

“Everything was perfect, you are a team of experienced experts and you have everything very nicely processed and clear, it is a pleasure to learn with you, it helps me a lot in self-realization and practice with children. I wish you all success in what you do and it is quite clear that you do it with gusto and vigor. Thanks, thanks, thanks.” (Teacher CH Kralupy nad Vltavou)

“Meeting with colleagues from other CH brings an element of comradery. It is also gratifying that someone takes an interest in being a CH educator 🙂 and admitting that the job is really demanding. The course reinforced facts I already knew (about the topic of the course), helped me to recall and better apply them.”  (Educator CH Ústí nad Labem)

How to teach children to PLAN their time (module)

“I was satisfied with your approach and with the management of these courses. I liked that the online meeting wasn’t until the end of the modules and we got planning sheets in A3 format. Thank you very much.” (Teacher CH Ústí nad Labem)

“I like the format of the course. I realized the value of my time and it is up to me how and with whom I want to spend it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t plan very well with the children …..but I won’t give up, we’ll definitely try again. Thanks for inspiration.” (CH Zvíkovské Podhradí)

“I liked the time flexibility, the way the topics were presented – especially the time intervals. But there is still a lack of time, so I have to plan better 😊 (Educator CH Sázava)

How to recognize BULLYING (module)

“I am very glad that I had the opportunity to remind myself of the topic of bullying. The theory from school has long since evaporated from my head, the practice is there, but I found it very useful to stop with you and open this topic. It’s hard, bullying has been and always will be. After the first e-learning, I noticed more so-called small nuances between the children in my work. And what I thought was confirmed. So my big thanks goes to the entire Helper team. I look forward to further working with you 🙂” (CH Ústí nad Labem)

“Hello…..this module has given me the most so far. I learned that I should not rush to help without asking if the person in question is indeed the victim. I positively evaluate the possibility to participate once a week and complete the assigned tasks and then the final interview. Thank you and I look forward to the next meeting… you are very nice, I feel relaxed and comfortable talking to you.”