Bridge Academy, children’s homes and a world full of blocks

  A few months ago C4C started a meaningful collaboration with Bridge Academy – a group of enthusiasts in the field of education for children and young people. Their vision is to connect technical education with practice in a fun way. Two years ago they created the Minecraft Programming Club and now they offer all

Dr. Clown and iconic comedian Jakub Kohák at Thomayer Hospital

  The restrictions are loosening up, Spring turned to Summer, and there is truly much to be thankful for and good reason to wear a smile upon your face… During the visits to Thomayer Hospital and Královské Vinohrady Hospital, our clowns had two reasons to be encouraged: firstly, they were finally able to visit the

Page 41? A Story…

  Most Hospitals can be distressing, oftentimes one can witness pain and sadness. But things can be different as well: sometimes there’s a little smile and a big laugh. Or else: big stories can be written there! And some stories don’t end… As C4C´s Clowns often say, you enter the room, and you never know