Chance 4 Children Statutes
Article Nr. I

Name of the association: Chance 4 Children
(further just „association“)

Seat address:
Hlavní 145, Senohraby
Office address: P.O. Box 38, CZ-27204 Kladno, CR

Article Nr. II
Legal status of association
1. The association is voluntary and independent, associating members on the bases of their common interest.
2. The association is a corporate body.

Article Nr. III
Goals of association
It is the express purpose and goal of the association to be of benefit to society, enhance the quality of life of the poor and needy and those in need of help and encouragement and contribute to inter-cultural understanding.
As the name of the association implies, particular emphasis is given to children and youth, especially those that are either institutionalized, ill or socially disadvantaged.
Chance for Children strives to assist all those in need, regardless of their race, religion, nationality or social position. It aims to reach first of all people in Central and Eastern Europe, but also endeavours to expand its programs internationally.
The Association also strives to strenghten and protect the family unit and family values by actively promoting, teaching and developing wholesome, character building teaching and educational methods, aimed at raising positive children, while protecting children from negative and destructive influences. The association believes that every child deserves a chance and has the right to a proper education.
The association will reach its goals by:

  • presenting the needs of those within the range of the associations interest, especially the needs of children and youth, those discriminated against, the poor and neglected, the socially disadvantaged, as well as the physical needs of the association itself, to the attention of solvent, prospering sectors of Czech and foreign societies and asking them for funding, support and sponsorship to supply these needs,
  • distributing of collected goods, contributions and services to needy sectors of society. That includes, amongs others, needy institutions, orphanages, homes of the mentally and physically disabled, old folks homes, refugees camps, as well as victims of natural catastrophes in the Czech republic and abroad,
  • by soliciting donations, by fundraising and through selling or marketing of products nationally and internationally to support the programs of the association,
  • developing educational, vocational, humanitarian and entertainment programs for all those within the range of the associations interest, but especially for underprivileged, ill and needy children,
  • aiding youth exiting institutions to smoothly integrate into society as a whole, by providing supplemental education and job opportunities, as well as employment.
  • actively promoting positive family values and high-quality and character building educational methods,
  • organizing seminars for parents on how to build a mentally and spiritually healthy family,
  • producing and distributing publications and audio/video materials of character building content for individuals, parents, children and institutions,
  • endeavouring to cooperate with likeminded corporate bodies and natural persons, nationally or internationally, which promote similar values and concepts as the Chance 4 Children association, to raise awareness of the plight of the poor, needy and socially disadvantaged, especially affected children.
  • by actively participating in conferences and seminars, nationally and internationally, which address and promote topics within the range of the associations interests or that are similar to the goals of the association, to develop and promote best practises.

Article Nr. IV
1. Any person at least 18 years old or any corporate body who agrees with statutes and purposes of association can become its member.
2. The board makes the decision to receive a new member based on the written application of an applicant.
3. Membership begins from the day when the new member was accepted.
4. The board keeps the list of all members.
5. Membership is canceled when:
a) the member renounces the membership in written form
b) the member dies
c) corporate body member is dissolved
d) the general assembly decides to cancel a member‘s membership
e) the association is dissolved

Article Nr. V
Rights and duties of members
1. The member has explicit right to:
a) participate in the work of association
b) elect into the bodies of the association
c) be elected into the bodies of the association
d) come before the body with suggestions and complaints and request their comment
2. The member is expected to:
a) respect the statutes of the association
b) be actively involved in reaching of the goals of the association
c) mindfully carry out his tasks in the bodies of the association

Article Nr. VI
Bodies of the association
The bodies of association are:
a) general assembly
b) board
c) chairman

Article Nr. VII
General assembly
1. The general assembly is the top-level body of association.
2. The general assembly consists of all members of association.
3. The general assembly is called down by the board when the need be, at least two times per year. The board calls down the general assembly anytime when it is requested by at least half of the members of association.
4. The general assembly in particular:
a) decides about any change in the statutes of association
b) approves tasks of association for the respective time period, results of economic activity for the previous year and annual report of association
c) elects members of the board for the span of one year
d) decides about canceling of membership
e) decides about dissolving of association
5. General assembly is quorum when there is more then one half of all members present. Voting right of all members is equal. To change the statutes or dissolve the association is decided by the general assembly through the two third majority of members voices. In other matters is sufficient having more then one half of present members to make a decision.

Article Nr. VIII
1. The board is the executive body of association, responsible to the general assembly.
2. The board consists of at least three members.
3. The board manages the activity of the association in the time period between sessions of the general assembly.
4. The board is called down by chairman, in his absence by vice chairman at least 4 times per year.
5. The board in particular:
a) elects and dismisses the chairman and vice chairman of the board
b) coordinates the activity of association
c) calls down the general assembly
d) prepares documents for general assembly’s decisions
e) decides whether or not to recieve a new member
6. The chairman and vice chairman represent the association outwardly and act in its name independently.
7. The board can open an office for the purpose of securing the activities of the association.
8. The board is quorate when more then one half of all its members are present.
9. The board makes decisions by the absolute majority of present members.

Article Nr. IX
Chairman and vice chairman
1. Chairman and vice chairman act in the name of association and represent it outward independently.
2. Chairman and vice chairman are elected from among the members of the board. Term of office is one year.
3. Chairman and vice chairman are responsible to comply with decisions of the board, the statutes and the legal system of the Czech republic.
4. Chairman and vice chairman are responsible for proper management and bookkeeping.
5. Chairman and vice chairman can resign through written announcement addressed to the board.

Article Nr. X
Management principles
1. Association manages movable and immovable property.
2. Sources of property are in particular:
a) gifts and contributions of corporate bodies and natural persons
b) yields of assets
c) incomes from activities connected to reaching goals of association
3. The board is responsible for proper management and every year must present the general assembly with bussines report, including final accounts.

Article Nr. XI
Dissolution of association
1. The association is dissolved:
a) by voluntary dissolution and merging with another beneficial association with similar goals
b) by the decision of Ministry of the Interior
2. When the association is dissolving through voluntary dissolution, the general assembly decides the way of property settlement, by selecting a suitable association with similar or compatible goals and mission to merge with.

Article Nr. XII
Concluding provisions
1. The general assembly can resolve to award outstanding personalities from the field of science, culture, politics, education etc. who agree with and support the goals of association with honorary membership.
2. Upon the decision of general assembly the association can issue organization order and rules of procedure of the association.
3. In accord with its activities the association has the right to refer to the public body with petitions.