About C4C

Chance 4 Children, or for short – C4C, is a humanitarian NGO (Non Governmental Organization), active since 1996 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Organized under Czech Law as non-profit civic association, C4C is dedicated to offer help and assistance primarily to children growing up in institution like orphanages and similar institutions, away from the love and care of their parents, and help them to integrate smoothly into society – without being stigmatized as second class citizen.

It is the declared goal of the association to develop and implement programs, such as our already hugely popular ROBIN HOOD and SPRINGBOARD TO LIFE initiatives, to assist socially handicapped children by improving their quality of life and provide supplemental educational and vocational opportunities for them as a springboard to a successful adult life.

We endeavor to also develop and share best practices and sustainable solutions with other organization with similar aims and goals

Our European landscape is truly colorful, multi-cultural and many-faceted, with vastly unique and divers peoples. Consequently, we at Chance 4 Children deplore any form of discrimination and bias. We strive to respond to all people in need, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender.

Initially known under the name of East European Missions (EEM), the association officially changed its name in 2005 to “Chance 4 Children“, or for short – “C4C“!

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