Throughout the last decade the C4C (Chance 4 Children) team has been receiving prestigeous and much coveted awards, as well as official recognition, for the outstanding performance and effectiveness of their humanitarian programs with socially disadvantaged and terminally ill children in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

C4C has decisively changed the landscape of Czech orphanages over the years. Through their help and assistance to our institutions the quality of life for orphans in this country has dramatically improved“, says Karel Heller, vice president of the association of Czech orphanages about C4C‘s (Chance 4 Children’s) efforts in the Czech Republic.

Vaclav Cermak accepts prestigeous award from Knights of St. Vaclav for C4C

The Lord Mayor of Kosice (Slovakia), Dr. Trebula, honors C4C Chairman Franke for far-reaching humanitarian aid to orphanages

Slovak Ambassador H.E. Ballek congratulates C4C Chairman M. Franke for C4C’s humanitarian accomplishments

Saint Wenceslaw Cross

CARITAS – Diecézni charita Plzeń

C4C receives award from Slovak Humanitarian Counsel for innovative & far reaching humanitarian programs