Announcing: C4C’s new partnership with Stabil Energy!



It’s always pleasant for us to welcome a new partner to C4C’s efforts to level the playing field for children less fortunate than our own and provide chances to those children who have only few.

So, without much ado, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Strong Energy, an up and coming alternative energy supplier, for joining our list of active supporters and partners. We think it is always admirable when a company decides to invest socially into the community they derive their profits from. Especially so, when they’re doing without any visible quid pro quo – just because they have a sense of corporate social responsibility.

The company issued the following statement, announcing their partnership with C4C:

“Even though Stabil Energy is not the biggest player in the field of energy, nevertheless we’re not indifferent to humanitarian issues, especially children in need and at risk. We picked Chance 4 Children as a partner, because their activities in children homes and hospitals are both meaningful and respectable. Their project are purposeful and make sense in every way and that’s why we have decided to support them with a regular and dependable donation.”

Well, all of us here at C4C think that’s just fantastic and action always speaks more than mere words – for any company. And by the way, to all of you who are still reading :-), if you’re planning to have some cost savings on your next energy bill – why not have a look at Stabil Energy’s offers? Check it out here: