Veronika´s journey

  Two artistic souls have met. Recently, Martina Pupcsiková from C4C found out that in the Unhost children’s home, there is a girl named Veronika, who dreams about attending graphics school. However, the talent tests as part of the admission exams are very challenging… But artists must support each other, so Martina, an artist in

In the Land of Beauty – Becoming a Hairdresser

  Do you know the fairy tale about the princess with very long hair who was locked in a tower by an evil witch? Yeah, that one. I remember the time when I was reading it in a book borrowed from the library, imagining all those beautiful haircuts I could do with such amazing material.

Children 4 Ever!

  C4C’s Dr. Clown initiative has stepped into a new era of clowning at the Kolín Regional Hospital. It is here where the team is implementing Dr. Clown’s new pilot project: “Children 4 Ever”. C4C’s co-founder, Rafael J. Wojas, and his partner Martina Včelišová act here as a perfectly balanced and coordinated clown team –

Another Toy Story

Once upon a time there was a castle called Zvíkov. You would have expected a king and queen living there. You also could expect this being the beginning of a fairy tale. But it is not. It is a true story, which does not even begin at the castle, but instead, at its surroundings. There,

Sounds like a fairy tale – and a picture tells a thousand words!

03.11.2018 Meet C4C’s Martina Pupcsikova, Dr. Clown’s fairy tale reader and painter Officially, Martina runs the C4C office – but that’s really only one side of her. Otherwise, she’s an author, a marketing specialist, a teacher, a painter, a horse and dog enthusiasts (and all things animal), a handicrafts maker and to top things off –

C4C’s Expedition Octopus!

09.08.2018 15 children, cancer survivors and orphans, sailing the waves of hope on the Nave Italia, the largest brigantine sailing ship in the world – and exporting Dr. Clown’s “Laughter Therapy” to children’s cancer ward at Genoa’s Gaslini Hospital! “We could only accommodate 15 children on this trip, I wish I had an ocean liner

Expedition Danube Smiley – the Charity Clown Boat

26.06.2018 Three young men on a self-made boat, rafting 2.200 km down the Danube – spreading smiles in hospitals along the way! They are old friends, their creed is adventure and they are known to insiders as the “Challengers of the East”. In 2015, their last adventure took them in a Skoda Favorite all the

When young meets old: C4C’s Hand in Hand initiative is here to stay!

22.06.2018 Watch seniors in Unhost sing, laugh and play when kids from the local children’s home drop by for a friendly visit. “It’s the stuff for goose-bumps – really”, smiles Manfred Franke, C4C’s founder who doubled as the photographer for the occasion.  “Those seniors were literally becoming young again! Amazing!”,  he continued. Organized by C4C’s Petra

Spartans race 4 Charity

Thousands of adventurers will run their hearts out for children less fortunate than our own in Central Europe – and C4C will be the recipient of funds raised through the Spartan Charity run in five countries! With this in mind, we’d like to urge everyone reading this article to sign up for a Spartan Race