When young meets old: C4C’s Hand in Hand initiative is here to stay!

Watch seniors in Unhost sing, laugh and play when kids from the local children’s home drop by for a friendly visit. “It’s the stuff for goose-bumps – really”, smiles Manfred Franke, C4C’s founder who doubled as the photographer for the occasion.  “Those seniors were literally becoming young again! Amazing!”,  he continued. Organized by C4C’s Petra Erguvanli,

Spartans race 4 Charity

Thousands of adventurers will run their hearts out for children less fortunate than our own in Central Europe – and C4C will be the recipient of funds raised through the Spartan Charity run in five countries! With this in mind, we’d like to urge everyone reading this article to sign up for a Spartan Race

Hand in Hand! New Multi-Generational Pilot Project by C4C

Seniors (in nursing homes) meet Juniors (in children’s homes) – and there is so much to share! The new “Hand in Hand” initiative, started by C4C’s Goodwill Ambassador Marketa Szabova, exploring synergies and bringing together Seniors in nursing home and Juniors in local orphanages, is gaining traction and is starting to make a world of

DHL & C4C: Three anniversaries in one year!

With the year 2017 ringing out, there were three good reasons to celebrate for DHL and C4C. The 25-20-15 Occasion DHL, Europe’s leading freight forwarder, celebrated its 25th year since its emergence on the Czech market, C4C celebrated this year its 20th anniversary since inception in 1996 – and together, both organizations are celebrating and

The Night of the 100 Percenters, generates 1.6 million CZK for C4C!

2017. 10. 21 The 20th Anniversary Celebration of Chance 4 Children, dubbed the Night of the 100 Percenters, generated an astounding 1.6 million CZK for C4C and its programs for children at risk and in need! Given the fact that all children enjoy the “Magic of Circus and Clowns”, Marketa Szabova, C4C’s Good Will Ambassador,  tasked


Come join us in celebration of C4C’s 20th Anniversary! October 21st is: THE NIGHT OF THE 100 PERCENTERS! Venue: Corinthia Hotel Prague, Bellevue Hall – 25th Floor, overlooking Prague Date & Time: October 21st 2017, 19:30 Theme: The Magic of Circus and Clowns In cooperation with Zatisi Group Catering, The Corinthia Hotel Prague and Czech

Announcing: C4C’s new partnership with Stabil Energy!

It’s always pleasant for us to welcome a new partner to C4C’s efforts to level the playing field for children less fortunate than our own and provide chances to those children who have only few.   So, without much ado, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Strong Energy, an up and coming

Adventure onboard the NAVE ITALIA yacht!

Recipe for success: Take the Italian Embassy in Prague, add Chance 4 Children, Czech Airlines and the NAVE ITALIA foundation, bring it all under the auspices of the Czech Ministry of Health – mix it up and out comes an incredible five day journey on one of the largest yachts of the Mediterranean for six

Excursion to the top of the world…

Children from various children’s homes around Prague had a chance to participate in an workshop at the renowned Panorama Hotel in Prague today. Goal of the occasion was to prepare the young people for the transition from institution to adult life and finding a work place. The hotel’s general manager himself, Mark Agnew, took time

C4C is welcoming a new partner to join our team: HVB Real Estate!

HVB, one of the movers and shakers on the Czech real estate market, announced their decision to team up with C4C during a company seminar/team-building event on April 2nd 2017. An initial check of 34.923 CZK was handed over to kick off the cooperation. Great news and thank you HVB!