Hand In Hand Project of Dr. Clown opening in Úvaly Retirement Home

  On Saturday, the 25th of May, we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in the retirement home in Úvaly, where the children from the children’s home in Klánovice accompanied us to meet with grandmothers and grandfathers and to enjoy each other’s company and the magical performance of the C4C Dr. Clown team. And there was definitely

Meet Marketa Franke, wife of C4C founder, Manfred Franke

  Markéta is a woman, who inspires us in C4C in many ways. See her story as told by Ženy s.r.o. website: Help is never enough, and more so when it comes to small or defenseless children. 22 years ago, an association was established, which has so far managed to raise more than 850 million

Nave Italia – the thrills of adventure therapy! Third time’s a charm!

15 children, overcomers of cancer and social handicaps, return home from the voyage of their lives!!! They are children from challenged and decidedly different backgrounds, some of them cancer survivors, some battling the handicap of growing up without the love and nurturing of a natural family – yet, they had one thing in common: they

On Board with Nave Italia! For the third time 😊

For the third time in history, The Italian Embassy in Prague, Chance 4 Children and the Tender to NAVE ITALIA Foundation, under the auspices of the Ministry of Health, are carrying out a charity project “On board with Nave Italia”. The project originates in Italy and has been very succesfull so far. It is a

Xindl X visited children´s homes in Sázava and Pyšely

  About a year ago, one of our supporters, Zuzka Jarošová, came up with an offer that we could organize a meeting of children from selected children’s homes with singer Ondřej Ládek, known as Xindl X. That, of course, seemed as a great idea to us, and in time, we all agreed, that Ondra will

Chance 4 Children has a new team mate!

  Our regular staff has recently expanded to include a new member – in the morning on 23rd of May, thanks to the huge effort of our wonderful co-worker Petra, little Milo was born and you wouldn’t believe it, but he has also already attended our regular team meeting! Milo, welcome, we wish you to

Veronika is accepted!!

  Do you remember “our” Veronica who decided to try the admission exams for her dream design school? We have a wonderful news: Veronika did it!! She managed to meet all the criteria of the talent exams and she passed with her paintings before the expert committee. Thanks to her loving efforts and support from

Meeting our heroes

This September, we will celebrate the 23nd anniversary of the Chance 4 Children Association. It is quite a respectable age, one realizes that what has been created is no longer in its infancy and it is tempting to look back and remember. The beginnings, first steps and achievements, people who have given us a helping

Veronika´s journey

  Two artistic souls have met. Recently, Martina Pupcsiková from C4C found out that in the Unhost children’s home, there is a girl named Veronika, who dreams about attending graphics school. However, the talent tests as part of the admission exams are very challenging… But artists must support each other, so Martina, an artist in

In the Land of Beauty – Becoming a Hairdresser

  Do you know the fairy tale about the princess with very long hair who was locked in a tower by an evil witch? Yeah, that one. I remember the time when I was reading it in a book borrowed from the library, imagining all those beautiful haircuts I could do with such amazing material.