How is the C4C channel on YouTube doing so far?

  On the 17th of April, one month has passed since the launch of the C4C channel on YouTube, which we set up so that we could at least electronically connect with children in orphanages and hospitals to which we have lost access. With our teacher Pavel Justich children or seniors can sing along to

CPI Hotels: with a help from a friend!

  When this all started, I never realized, how many sectors were going to be touched by the quarantine and restrictions. Not only schools – which seemed as an unexpected additional holiday welcomed by most of the students and even by me as a mother and a big fan of homeschooling– but also businesses, theatres,

The Show Must Go On! A word from C4C’s founder, Manfred Franke

  To say that we’re living through strange times seems almost like an understatement. More aptly, times actually border on dystopia and none of us knows if things will really ever go back to what we considered “normal” before. Uncertainty and insecurity abounds, a large part of the populace is fearful and distraught about the

C4C goes on! Online. And you can help us too!

  Dear Friends and Supporters of Chance 4 Children! Greetings from our homes! We all now live in a bit of an unusual reality and in unprecedented times. We strive to be flexible and are setting new records: how to entertain and teach our kids at home instead of school – while still continuing our


  In line with government directives on preventing the spread of the Corona Virus, as of Thursday the 12th of March 2020, Chance 4 Children has suspended all Dr. Clown and Springboard to Life visits to hospitals and orphanages, respectively. This is a temporary measure and we sincerely hope that we can soon resume our