The Night of the 100 Percenters, generates 1.6 million CZK for C4C!



The 20th Anniversary Celebration of Chance 4 Children, dubbed the Night of the 100 Percenters, generated an astounding 1.6 million CZK for C4C and its programs for children at risk and in need!

Given the fact that all children enjoy the “Magic of Circus and Clowns”, Marketa Szabova, C4C’s Good Will Ambassador,  tasked with the organization of the event, adopted this as the theme of the evening.

“I was counting on the fact that everyone attending the celebrations has been a child once upon a time”, quipped Marketa with a smile. 🙂

Consequently, with TV Nova’s one and only Marcela Tomcikova at the switch and moderating the evening distinctly and  dynamically, there literally wasn’t a dull moment. True to the circus theme, there were breath-taking performances by the Czech National Circus led by Jiri Berousek, the Cirque group The Losers Company, followed by funny skits by the Czech National Circus’ signature clown, Adrien. Quality musical interludes were provided by Pop band “Czech It”, whose member line-up include young adults involved in C4C’s Springboard to Life initiative.

Everyone attending was given the opportunity to contribute to what was commonly called the “Anniversary Pot”, by engaging in fun and original activities. Those were to be paid for by the evenings very own currency – the C4C Crown! Attractions ranged from undertaking a Virtual Reality rollercoaster ride sponsored by Samsung, a Face Painting booth, taking part in a raffle and auction with highly original items – to simply throwing balls at an oversized image of C4C founder Manfred Franke’s mouth (which proved to be wildly popular…)! Special guests and celebrities Stanislav Galik and Veronika Kasakova joined the festivities to hand sign their latest book releases and explain their relationship with C4C on stage. Proceeds from the book sales were added to the event’s donation tally.

“The evening really changed the paradigm of traditional fundraisers“, explains Manfred. “Rather than spending a large percentage of the amount collected, on venue, catering and the actual organization of it all, 100 % of all money raised will go to C4C and the children we serve“, he went on to say.  This was made possible by the 100% pro bono participation of Zatisi Group Catering, the Corinthia Hotel, the Czech National Cirkus Berousek, Copy General, JCHP Events and many other helpers and supporter – all dedicated to the goal of maximizing the evenings revenue to benefit children less fortunate than our own.

As one of the of the highlights of the evening, Team Kaufland, represented by PR manager Renata Maierl, presented C4C with a check for 1 million CZK, plus the gift of a 9-seater minibus! This constituted the biggest donation of the evening and there will be a separate article following, outlining this new partnership between Kaufland and C4C.

In closing, a BIG THANK YOU goes to all who helped to make this evening a success! Thank you for coming, for helping and for your support and patronage! We are so very thankful for having so many dedicated and loyal partners at our side. Quite frankly – without you we’d really be sunk!