The German language, full of rich expressions and juicy metaphors, says „Eigenlob stinkt“ which translates roughly into “Don’t praise yourself – it stinks“… But to be fair, to boast too much of your own accomplishments can be considered ill-mannered and insensitive just about anywhere. Following this train of thought, we will not indulge in any of this sort of thing on this page, but rather let others speak their piece about what they think of C4C and the effect we’re having with our work and programs.

Some of the hundreds of thank you letters, we’ve received from different orphanages and children we’ve reached out to over the years, are just available in Czech, as translating the multitude of materials is just not feasible time-wise for us. Nevertheless, please have a peek; we think the pictures and the make up of some of the letters speak for themselves. Some letters and quotes we have translated into English and those are clearly marked “English”.

Keeping the German admonition above in mind, let us just say that we were quite overwhelmed by the responses and expressions of appreciation we are receiving. We’re are happy, but at the same time also humbled, that our efforts are as well received as they are and that our programs are having the success and impact that these letters tell of. A big part of the thankfulness and appreciation expressed should also be directed to our sponsors, partners and all those volunteers behind the scenes of this wonderful work, who make it all possible.

Thank you!