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They Said it! Corporate Partners @ C4C


“Hello C4C, thank you very much for your donation in the form of otrhopedic and girls’ shoes. They made our children very happy.”

Marta Camfrlová, Children’s Home in Valašské Meziříčí

“Being a father of four I deeply appreciate what Manfred and his team at Chance 4 Children (C4C) have been doing for the children that were not lucky enough to be brought up by their own families. I can not but admire their passion and devotion of bringing at least a small touch of love and happiness to these children. Making the world a better place is no easy job – and C4C is making a contribution that really matters.”
Tomáš Rutrle, CEO, Fujitsu Siemens Computers s.r.o., Czech Republic

“The team of Chance 4 Children, a true A-team, are doing an incredible job helping children in orphanages and hospitals to develop a sense of purpose. It is hard nowadays to find people who prefer to give instead of take; to willingly support those in need; and to fill in the gaps where government and society-at-large fails. This is what Manfred and C4C are doing. A big thumbs up to all of them! Please keep up the good work!”
Victor Saeijs, former CEO, Nokia Czech Republic s.r.o.

“When I first met the ‘C4C’ team almost 10 years ago, I was fascinated by the tremendous effectiveness of their work. I was then, and continue to be now, deeply impressed by their work on behalf of some of neediest and neglected children in this society today. I can hardly imagine a more dedicated and determined group of people, and the fantastic results of their ROBIN HOOD and DR. CLOWN programs speak for themselves.”
Hans Christian Zink, CEO & Chairman, Hertz Rent a Car, Czech Republic

“I always feel humbled when I meet with the Chance 4 Children team by the unselfishness and energy that they bring to the task of looking after the most deprived and vulnerable in this society. It is good to meet people who not only really care but also strive and succeed to improve the lives of the needy.”
Katharine Butler, Director, Sparkys

“The people in this organisation you can truly trust – they are doing the utmost to get smiles on the face of children. They are credible in all they do! To work with them is inspiring and joining their activities is also personally very rewarding for me.” (Click here to see what she is talking about)
Cornelia Roettger, General Manager, Unilever CR, spol. s r.o.

They Said it! Officials @ C4C

Thank you that you have seen the need in my country and responded! Your help will not be forgotten.
His Excellency Ladislav Ballek, Slovak Ambassador in Prague

I would like to thank you for the humanitarian aid provided to our social care facilities in the Central Bohemian region.
Mgr. Josef Vacek, Central Bohemia Region Council

Dear sirs, I have been informed of your work by my colleagues working in the area of social services in the Kladno district. Based on this report, I would like to thank you. I really appreciate your programs [Robin Hood and Dr. Clown] aimed at aiding socially weak and disadvanteged people.
Mr. Antonín Kajgr, deputy mayor of Kladno

Most organizations of similar aim never obtain comparable results in their entire lifetime as your association produces in a single year.

Mr. Milan Rýdlo of Čápovka, Grandmaster of Knight Order of Saint Wenceslaw

I highly appreciate the work of your organization through which you improve the quality of life of instituionalized children and also other needy social classes across the whole spectrum of European society.
JUDr. Zdenko Trebuľa, mayor of Košice, Slovakia

In the name of our patients, the children of the department of hematology and oncology, we’d like to heartily thank you for your long term cooperation. You prepare entertaining programs for children, which have become a high quality part of our whole concept of psycho-social care for the patients of our clinic.

We appreciate all who know that the task of those who care for children in hospitals is not only to cure sickness, but to also to assure that the children are not sad during the duration of treatments (which in case of our hospital is particularly long), but keep playing, painting and coloring, which is all part of childhood.
In this exactly you have helped us tremendously. Because of this, we greatly appreciate your activities to benefit sick and ailing children and we look forward to future cooperation next year.
Thank You,
Mgr. Jana Vítová, psychologist of KDHO, Motol hospital, about C4C’s Dr. Clown program.

Your gift helped us greatly to improve the home environment and the quality of life of our citizens, many of which live in very poor conditions. The town of Rýmařov highly appreciates your help and assistance.<
Mrs. Marie Cimbotová, City hall Rýmařov

We really appreciate your approach and your understanding of people in need.
Ing. Eva Richtrová, mayor of Frýdek-Místek

It is not easy to express our thankfulness in words.
Mr. Karel Heller, Federation of Children’s Homes ČR

They Said it! Orphanages @ C4C

Thank you, Mesit Holding has already contacted us and today the lady director from Uherské Hradiště [orhphanage] goes to pick up the money…Nobody has ever cared so much for us. You [the Robin Hood program] are just the best.
Mr. Šoltys, director of Bojkovice orphanage

Dear friends! Yours is a special gift. It’s not an easy task to cheer up, bring lasting joy and at the same time help the uneasy life of children living their young lives out as warden of the state.
Mr. Vostrý, director of Tisá orphanage

Dear ones, it is not an easy thing to prepare a surprise for somebody and even less easy to add a measure of joy to it. You did it. … We thank you that you not only give materially in a big way, but also for your sample in helping children, who have become the ward of the state, with the dire educational needs they face.
Mrs. Šárka Rajskupová, orphanage Uherské Hradiště

Never before have we had so much icecream. Now we can have it for breakfest, lunch and dinner and we will never get enough of it… 🙂
Ms. Andrea Veselá, orphanage Uherský Ostroh

Finishing this letter, I have to mention that the way C4C helps is absolutely original. During my personal meeting with their representatives I could observe complete selflessness of their actions.
Mgr. Václav Konopiský, director of ora phanage in Hamr na Jezeře

Our cooperation is already traditional and believe me, without your help the life of children in our orphanage would be worse … My joy is commensurate with the joy of our children.
Mrs. Hana Gabrielová, director of orphanage in Ledce

You are among the first who contacted our children’s home and offered this kind of help.
Mgr. Jana Bittnerová, director of orphanage in Měcholupy

We appreciate this gift [cleaning supplies] all the more, because it is very rare that we get any gift without us first contacting the sponsor.
Mgr. Drahoslav Prollová, deputy director of orphanage in Šindlovy Dvory

Your generous gift of cleaning supplies helped us very much in overcoming a very tight financial situation and we are glad that we didn’t have to spend money from our budget, because you just cannot spare on cleaning supplies.
Ms. Hedvika Musilová, social worker in orphanage in Tachov

We esteem your help highly and appreciate that the things you donated are of superior quality and very, very useful to us. Looking forward to our next cooperation.
Bc. Jaroslava Štoková, deputy director of VÚ Boletice n/Lab

They Said it! Red Cross @ C4C

One of the basic principles of the Red Cross is to protect health, promote respect toward human beings and support mutual understanding and friendship. Your contribution has fulfilled all basic criteria.
Mrs. Marie Machová, Czech Red Cross Frídek-Místek

Your humanitarian aid helped us to survive the most critical moments, when closing of our canteen and center was looming large.
Mrs. Nevena Černohorská, Czech Red Cross Ústí nad Labem

Now we have cleaning supplies for the whole year and the incurred savings, app. 20.000,- Slovak crowns, can now be used for the repair of our leaking roof.
MVDr, Mgr. Jana Koppiová, Slovak Red Cross Trenčín

Your help is not just about money. It has tremendous human value for us.
Mgr. Karol Németh, Slovak Red Cross Komárno

Your project in our town was met with unprecedented response because we often suffer from floods and the demand for high quality cleaning supplies is still acute.
Mgr. Jana Berková, Czech Red Cross Brantice

Your support is a great contribution to our work and so we ask you not to forget about us in the future.
Mrs. Milada Kolská, Czech Red Cross Kladno

We think as Christmas are approaching that your gift will help many people to at least partially reduce financial problems in families where one or both partners lost their regular income.
Mrs. Alena Herinková, Czech Red Cross Mělník

Your active approach significantly contributed to a very good promotion of the work of our humanitarian organization among the wide public.
Mrs. Ivana Holásková, Czech Red Cross Brno

We regard your way of help [cleaning supplies] as invaluable, considering the group of people we are working with and for which we provide aid and social services.
Mrs. Olga Szalmová, Slovak Red Cross Levice

They Said it! Caritas @ C4C

Dear and beloved friends, one more time we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the help which we can, through your intermediation, offer to the truly needy.
Ing. Jiří Lodr, Caritas Plzeň

Through your approach you have added your little stone into the mosaic of our charity work. You selflessly help us to serve people who find themselves in dire need and distress.
Ing. Juraj Barát, Caritas Nitra, Slovakia

We are immensely happy that you are able to help us help people which find themselves in critical situations.
Mrs. Marie Popovská, Caritas Brno

We will be able to use your gift [cleaning supplies] for two years from here on out, and the money we save will be reinvested into the infrastructure of our our asylum houses.
Ing. Jitka Kirschnerová, Caritas Roudnice nad Labem

From our three years experience we know that big companies in our city or region do not show much interest in supporting our work. That is why your help for our asylum house is very important and inestimable.
Mrs. Marie Burešová, Caritas Beroun