The art of – HAIR!



The art of hairstyling is for over 10 years already an integral part of C4C’s Springboard to Life initiative. Young people from orphanages regularly attend the course, which take place at the Hair Salon of the Vysocany Vocational School. C4C’s teacher, Hana Cyprova, is one of the main lecturers here.

Hana takes pride in her job of preparing the children for a possible career in hairstyling and future studies at her institute. “We teach the children the basic techniques and also give them advice about their own hair styles and how to properly take care of their hair”, smiles Hana. “That’s actually where it all begins.”

Her daughter Veronica is an expert in nail art and coaches the girls on how to maintain healthy and strong nails. She also teaches them a variety of techniques including P-shine and nail art.

The teachers also visit the orphanages of the participating girls and while there offer all the children (and their teachers) to get a haircut and a new look! Needless to say, they always get a hero’s welcome!