Chance 4 Children and Dog Stars in Vestec near Prague



On Sunday 22.9.2019, in Vestec near Prague, dog lovers gathered for the third time for a unique event named Dog Stars.

The event is organized by our colleague, Martina Pupcsiková – the painter, writer and adoptive mother of two kind of crazy bitches, who she could not leave either in the gutter by the road, or in the dog pound. Therefore, we, lovers of children from children’s homes, could not miss such an event. In many ways, abandoned dogs and children are alike – both need help!

Since its beginning  three years ago, Dog Stars has changed from a rather small event into a meeting of 18 temporary cares and dog pounds.

As in previous years, dogs walked on the red carpet with celebrities, such as the actress Petra Jungmannova or Radovan Vaculík, an icon of Czech dubbing, who lent his voice even to Marvel’s Ironman. Very interresting was the story of the founder of the Good Dog School Pavel Bradáč. In many ways it was striking, how the approach to dogs is similar to the approach to children, how much they also need respect, background and loving treatment.

In a meadow where dog stars were walking with their famous handlers, you could also find the Chance 4 Children tent with a trailer for the upcoming book Pohádky k dočmárání (see the article here: to find out more). The friendly green cloth of the amazing tent, which was generously donated to Chance 4 Children by the Expodum company, protected us from the sun.  Thank you very much for it, it was a nice refuge, as the sun did not hide for the whole day. It will certainly save us from  sun and rain alike more than once in the future.

We wishes everyone beautiful days to come and a pleasant autumn 🙂

Team Chance 4 Children

Author: Zuzana Sramkova