Hand In Hand Project of Dr. Clown opening in Úvaly Retirement Home



On Saturday, the 25th of May, we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in the retirement home in Úvaly, where the children from the children’s home in Klánovice accompanied us to meet with grandmothers and grandfathers and to enjoy each other’s company and the magical performance of the C4C Dr. Clown team.

And there was definitely something to look at! As usual, the clowns were awesome and amused not only with the humorous story of a clown wizard who needed to cheer up, but also their balloon art – making all sorts of animals and flowers out of colorful balloons. Would you guess that not only children, but also grandmothers and grandfathers from the retirement home requested to have them made for them? It seems that in many cases we remain children for a very, very long time, and actually – it is a great thing!

It turned out to be quite a crowd that afternoon, because the seniors did not come alone – in many cases their family members and their children accompanied them and watched the C4C clown team in amazement, as their enthusiasm is simply infectious. One could feel their great love and commitment to the cause, because what they do makes sense to them.

“At first, children were ashamed, but then the shame fell away and everyone enjoyed the meeting. From my point of view, the most beautiful moment was, when we all played musical instruments together and sang a song about love,” says Michaela Kubicová, who will be returning to this place regularly to continue the Hand in Hand initiative here. Under her leadership, children and seniors will meet once a month to spend together enriching moments in the coming school year.

I really liked the whole program”, says Tereza Bártová, one of the staff member from retirement home in Úvaly. “Especially the music part, when everyone was involved; small, big, even visitors. I think everyone felt a friendly atmosphere and we were all feeling great together. I also have to commend the refreshments, both in terms of taste and beauty. I think everything went well and we look forward to September.”

Kids enjoyed baloons and face painting the most,” says Kateřina Horáčková from children´s home in Klánovice. “And the performance definitely cheered them up.”

We would like to thank to Jana Šnoblová, who provided the meeting with wonderful refreshment, as well as to the staff of orphanage and senior home for their amazing cooperation and willingness to make this project a success. A BIG “Thank You” also goes to Kaufland Czech Republic, for their patronage and much appreciated support for our Dr. Clown initiative.