Meeting our heroes


This September, we will celebrate the 23nd anniversary of the Chance 4 Children Association. It is quite a respectable age, one realizes that what has been created is no longer in its infancy and it is tempting to look back and remember. The beginnings, first steps and achievements, people who have given us a helping hand, and those who are with us today. Recognize (not for the first time) who were and who are people without whom an organization like C4C could not exist – like our promoters and sellers.

Therefore, on Sunday, April 29th, we met them in the Hotel Panorama in Prague for a few hours filled with memories, thanks, suggestions for thought and laughter. Oh, and yes, of course – with great food too 😊.

In addition to Manfred Franke, C4C’s founder, Markéta Franke and Rafal Wojas, two of our dear guests and co-workers accompanied us during this evening – Lenka Mrázová, who has been working as a coach in the field of personal development for many years, and Tomáš Adam, founder of Go Freedom, which focuses on young people and gives them courage to believe and fulfill their dreams – you will read about it many times in future articles.

The performances of these two masters of their craft provoked laughter as well as more serious thoughts. While it was inspiring to hear from Tomáš what he went through during his adolescence, when he was looking for a job where he would remain not only physically, but mainly mentally healthy, Lenka made us think about things that are “charging” us in life and, on the contrary, which cost us too much of our energy.

All of this took place in the beautiful premises of the Hotel Panorama, which kindly provided us with a place to hold a meeting, delicious snacks and a  a sumpteous buffet  for  a dinner so  colourful, that one didn’t know what to choose.

We would like to thank you all for this wonderful evening – Mrs. Dagmar Vlkova, with whom we communicated during the preparation of the meeting, and which arranged everything to our great satisfaction. Tom and Lenka for a wonderful and inspirating stories. And a big thank to all of our sellers and promoters who took the time to come. It was a pleasant meeting because, as we said on Sunday:

You are our heroes.


Zuzka Šrámková