Our Robin Hood project in 2019



We’re happy to report that C4C’s Robin Hood project had a successful 2019 and managed to distribute direct aid totaling 1.935.000 CZK to children’s homes and other facilities helping socially disadvantaged children.

We are especially thankful for our longtime partner, the Helping Hands foundation in Stockholm Sweden, and for international apparel giant VANS for their generous donations of new clothing, autumn and winter boots and home footwear for C4C’s Robin Hood initiative.

The goods were distributed to institutionalized children all over the Czech Republic from April to December 2019 and helped to make more than 320 children in 18 facilities very happy.

Goods were received by:

  • orphanages
  • asylum homes
  • children in need under the auspices of People in Need
  • the Czech branch of the Red Cross

Here are some touching comments C4C received in response to the shipments:

“Dear C4C, thank you very much for your donation in the form of shoes. They made our children very happy. Thank you very much for the support of our children, ” wrote Marta Camfrlová from Children’s Home in Valašské Meziříčí.

“Jani, thank you so much for the donation of shoes, you should see our girls, they are completely mad about them!!” wrote Michal Šmíd, the director of Children´s home in Poděbrady, to our colleague Jana Šnoblová, who coordinated the distribution of the aid.

This is what Zuzana Sramkova, coordinator of the Robin Hood project, had to say about this year’s distributions:

“It is so satisfying to know, that we could help those children. I am very grateful for our cooperation with Helping Hands and VANS! I also have to extend a heart-felt THANK YOU to Janička Šnoblová, who made a huge effort to coordinate the distribution of the aid.  Let´s hope, that we maintain this course during the next year too.

Team Chance 4 Children