Veronika is accepted!!



Do you remember “our” Veronica who decided to try the admission exams for her dream design school? We have a wonderful news:

Veronika did it!!

She managed to meet all the criteria of the talent exams and she passed with her paintings before the expert committee. Thanks to her loving efforts and support from Petra Erguvanli and Martina Pupcsiková of C4C and academic painter Renáta Kaiserová, she managed to make her dream come true.

However, it wasn’t easy for her. Not only did she have to catch up with the lack of required number of works, she was forced to overcome her deep shyness and the feeling of not being good enough. She has been working very hard and, in an environment, where she did not have the necessary training for something like that. We are delighted that she has succeeded. And not only us, the director of the children’s home in Unhošť, Mgr. Jiří Beránek, is happy for Veronika´s success too.

“Dear Mrs. Erguvanli, I would like to thank you, and everyone who has been involved in helping our Veronika, thank you from all my heart. Veronica fulfilled her dream, got to the Interior Design school after exams and interviews and she is very happy. Without your empathy, effort, understanding and belief in her success, it would be surely failed, ” Mr. Beránek wrote.

He is also to be the one to thank to, for his support and our joint efforts. Veronika’s journey does not end here, on the contrary – it is just beginning. There are years ahead of her, in which she must not rest on her laurels and continue to develop what she has achieved with her efforts and hard work.


Moreover, on 4th of June, Veronika shall have her first vernissage within the art classes of Renáta Kaiserová, where she will be supported by the director of the children´s home and her supervisors, and one canvas will also be exhibited on the traditional Open Air festival Kladenské dvorky on 8 – 9 June 2019 as part of the works of painting classes Malířská Veverka, ” smiles Martina Pupcsiková, who was watching Veronica’s uncertainty during her preparation for the exams. “She will thus have a chance to begin to perceive herself and her work differently, as an artist who exhibits them publicly, and to compare them with others and catch motivation for future works. ”


Veronika, we wish you good luck!


Zuzana Šrámková