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On Saturday, 24.9.2022, the natural theatre in Dock belonged to creation. The visitors supported Dr. Clown’s laughter therapy with voluntary admission fees.

Television Seznam´s redactors talk about Chance 4 Children at the end of the video focused on the Camp Velký Vír near Orlík water reservoir, where our clown, mentor and teacher Pavel Justich performed.

Písecký deník Clowns made laugh even patients in Písek Hospital

Benešovský deník – Dr. Clown treats children in hospitals with laughter

Kladenské listy – Dr. Clown helps children in Kladno Hospital ;   Dr. Clown at the Kladno hospital made hundreds of children laugh

Regional Hospital Kladno – Dr. Klaun

Hospital of Rudolf and Stefanie Benešov –  Hospitalized children were given fairy tales books from Dr. Clown

Our clowns brigthened the day for the elderly people in Otrokovice

Lego for children

Dr. Clown Jaromir Jagr

Knights help children jersey auction brought nearly half a million

New LEGO sets brighten the day of children staying at children’s ward in Karlovarska Krajska Nemocnice

Dr. Klaun – Children’s ward received new supply of toys…

Personality played futsal in Kladno for Dr. Clown-kladenske listy

Chance 4 Children met in Claion hotelu Prague Old Town-CPI hotels

Humanetarian help for Slovak Republic ,the Christmas gifts-turiec.sme.sk

Dr.Clown intoruced it´s bus-kladenské lisy

Dr.Clown fair in Kladno-kladenský deník

The stars of TV NOVA play bowling with kids from children homes-doma.cz

Dr. Klaun teaches nurses of the tricks-kladenský deník

Dr. Clown heals children with laughter

The christening of the Dr. Clown bus

Miss Academia and Dr. Clown

Dr. Clown and Dr. Dog

C4C Lifestyle Event Zlin 2009

Gala Evening of Boxing

C4C Bowling Cup Brno 2009

C4C Bowling Cup Brno 2009 II.

Box Gala Evening

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Christmas entertainment

Day of Open doors in Benesov Hospital

Dr. Clown in Benesov hospital

C4C Soccer Cup Moravia 2006

C4C Bowling Cup Praha 2006

C4C Bowling Cup Praha 2006 II.

C4C Bowling Cup Brno 2006

C4C Bowling Cup Brno 2006 II.

C4C Bowling Cup Praha 2007

C4C Bowling Cup Praha 2007 II.

C4C Bowling Cup Praha 2007 III.

C4C Bowling Cup Praha 2007 IV.

Sweets from Plus

More sweets

Chocolate sweets

Chocolates for Arpida

DHL for children

Rotary Clubs Golf Tournament

C4C Team visits Mayor of Kosice

Golem Musical

Prague Tribune

Photography Christmas auction in Hilton Prague

Christmas Charity Concert in Hotel Hilton Prague 2006

Christmas Charity Concert in Hotel Hilton Prague 2006 II.

Zbynek Drda



Bowling 2010 with TV NOVA

Birthday of Dr. Clown bus in Kladno

Bowling Cup 2009

Christening of the Dr. CLown bus in Kladno

C4C on breakfast with TV NOVA 

Dr.Clown on TV Barandov

YouTube Channel

C4C Bowling Cup Brno 2007

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