The Day of Good Health with Dr. Clown



The hospital of the city of Benesov has organized a Day of Good Health at the city center. No other than Dr. Clown personally could be spotted with his unique clown show, face-painting and balloon sculpturing. Thanks to the Dr. Clown team dispensing their popular Smile Therapy to those present, everyone was happy and smiling from ear to ear.



Since 1999, Dr. Clown is the Czech Republic’s first and original hospital clown initiative and the Benesov hospital is working hand in hand with the Dr. Clown program on the project “Don’t be afraid of the hospital”. Its aims to help children overcome the fear of hospitalization and become friends with the hospital staff caring for them. The Dr. Clown team visits the hospital on a regular basis and brings joy, laughter and distraction to the local children ward for the past eight years already.