DHL & C4C: Three anniversaries in one year!



With the year 2017 ringing out, there were three good reasons to celebrate for DHL and C4C.

The 25-20-15 Occasion

DHL, Europe’s leading freight forwarder, celebrated its 25th year since its emergence on the Czech market, C4C celebrated this year its 20th anniversary since inception in 1996 – and together, both organizations are celebrating and looking back on 15 years of close cooperation for the benefit of children less fortunate than our own!

“As it turns out, three anniversaries were up for celebration between C4C and DHL – now, that just doesn’t happen every day…”, smiles Manfred Franke, C4C’s founder and chairman. During his 20 year tenure at the helm of the charity, Manfred has overseen C4C grow into one of the most far-reaching non-profit organizations in the country.

250,000.- CZK donation for C4C

To commemorate this extraordinary and enduring partnership, DHL Freight once again set an example in their strict adherence to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In every day language, this means that a company doing successful business in any given country, also has a responsibility to invest back into the community it derives its profits from. Apparently, this is one discipline DHL is excelling in, as the Director of DHL Freight, Vit Navrat, passed on a check of 250,000.- CZK  to Chance 4 Children’s co-founder, Rafal Wojas, during their 25th anniversary celebration.

Lasting partnership: DHL & C4C

“This really is a special moment for me and for the C4C team”, says Rafal, after accepting the check on behalf of C4C. “All I can say is that DHL has been for 15 years a true partner in our efforts to make the playing field a little more level for children in need and at risk in this country and in Central Europe. You guys just never turned us down – and for this we are very thankful”, he adds.

Over the last 15 years, besides supporting C4C financially, DHL has been instrumental in facilitating free of charge aid shipments, valued at over 800,000,000.- CZK,  from  Scandinavia to C4C’s warehouse in Kladno.

Lots to be thankful for

And as 2017 rings out, looking back,  there were lots of things to be thankful for – for all of us here at C4C.  With this, we would like to thank DHL and all of our partners, friends and supporters for the privilege to have been working hand in hand together – to touch and change the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in this country and in Central Europe. Thank you!

Let’s keep doing it, shall we?