Alena Antalova Invites C4C to Opening of Klokanek Institution in Brno.


She’s not only a very talented and well known actress, but Alena Antalova is also something like a patron saint to the charity Klokanek. Today, she is opening a new branch of Klokanek in Brno and Chance 4 Children (C4C) is invited for the festivities. To add a little spice to the celebrations the Chance 4 Children dancing troupe came along to cheer up the many visitors.

Klokanek is a remarkable and unique endeavor; seeking to reunite siblings that have been separated by the state when parents lose custody of their children. When the state becomes the official warden of entire families, siblings are often placed in separate institutions. This happens for a variety of reasons, more often than not it has to do with the different ages of the children involved. Here’s where the Klokaneks come in. They will petition the state for custody of the siblings, reuniting them in cozy communal style dwellings where brothers and sisters can support each other and enjoy the closeness to their next of kin.

C4C has actively supported Klokaneks in the Czech Republic and has in the past assisted them with much needed aid shipments, foods and clothing. Thank you, Alena, for being so supportive of such a worthy cause!