…or what’s important in a child’s education?! C4C’s new ecological education initiative!

Remember when your mom and dad took you out to the forest and explained you about plants and animals and other simple truths? When you learned about nature? Even though the staff in children’s home is doing their best to teach children in parent’s stead, this is one aspect where they can use a little help from external sources.

Enter C4C’s teacher Eva Chýlová into the picture. Within the framework of C4C’s educational Springboard to Life program, Eva embraces the “back to nature” approach. Called specifically “Secrets of Nature”, Eva’s regular workshops are dedicated to raise environmental awareness in this special group of children, the residents of the children’s home in Pisek.

Radka Janouškouvá, the director of the home commented: “C4C and Eva have my heartfelt gratitude for facilitating this transformative workshop!” She also emphasized the significance of instilling an interest in nature from a young age, highlighting the importance of nurturing a sense of responsibility towards environmental conservation to preserve nature’s beauty for future generations.

During their initial get-together, the children were introduced to the remarkable life cycles of butterflies. They observed eggs, shed caterpillar skins, and even admired fully developed butterflies. One notable discovery was the revelation that certain butterfly species undertake migrations similar to birds, journeying to warmer climates and returning to our region come springtime.

“I think, in a world of smartphones, social media frenzy and digitalization all around, it is important to teach children about the circle of life, nature’s secrets and the ecological loop”, comments Petra Erguvanli, director of C4C’s Springboard to Life initiative. “When growing up in an institution, these facts of life are more often than not under-emphasized.”

Eva never seems to run out of innovative new material to pass on to her eager students. Subsequent workshops and trips out into nature dealt with the identification of various insects, butterflies, bumblebees, while discussing their critical roles in our ecosystems. At other times the kids watched videos witnessing the emergence of newly hatched butterflies. On yet another occasion they learned about everyone’s responsibility to make a contribution toward the preservation and enhancement of our planet’s biodiversity.

“Truth be told, I’m pleasantly surprised by the resonance my project received from the children. They genuinely enjoy the classes and there is a sense of eager anticipation before each class”, remarked Eva with a sense of satisfaction and joy. “The level of enthusiasm the children display really underscores that we have been able to ignite their curiosity and succeeded in fostering a deeper appreciation of nature in them.”

Kudos, Eva, you definitely filled a gap in C4C’s educational efforts of helping children with a social handicap, and those less fortunate than our own, transition successfully into life and society!