The Good Deeds for Mobile Phones Contest!


We recently received about 200 new high-quality mobile phones from an important sponsor, wishing to stay anonymus. They were to be directed to needy children in orphanages. But we didn’t want to just give them away 😉.

In working with children in homes, we have experience that it is important not only for them to receive, but also to learn to give, create, be active and independent.

“It’s a bit ironic, but children in children’s homes are somewhat programmed to ‘receive’ only, partly because of their special circumstances“, ponders Manfred Franke, C4C  founder. “We wanted to use the phones to bring home the principle that in real life you’re more likely to receive when you also give something.“

That’s why we offered them to get a brand new smart phone under the tree if they sign up and do some good deed before the end of November.

The response and children’s interest were overwhelmingingly positive and their ideas for good deeds confirmed that we were on the right track. Here are some of them:

I paint cards and pictures and personally take them to the nearest retirement home and give them to the grandmothers and grandfathers who live there and no longer have anyone close to them. I will write letters, paint pictures and send them to homes for the elderly around the country. My aunt and I will read the stories of the people who live in the homes and choose 10 people to whom I will send letters with pictures”. Karolínka, 9 years old

I would like to help old people with shopping. In the supermarket, I saw many grandmothers and grandfathers having a difficult time shopping.”  Jarda, 11 years

I’d like to help a homeless person, buy him food or hot tea. Either in the dormitory, or here at the children´s homeVlasta, 16 years old

I want help my aunt in the home with something heavy if she can´t carry it. And I’ll buy my aunt some flowers to make her a nice day.” Philip, 8 years old

I’d like tol buy a flower for the cook at our children´s home and thank her for how well she cooks for us here.” Denis, 9 years old

I will go to the shelter to help. I will clean the pens and walk the dogs. I will also be involved in the maintenance of the surroundings at the shelter.” Sebastian, 14 years old

I am going to regularly visit the elderly in a care home that is close to us. I will spend my free time with them and in this way I will make their free time more enjoyable. Since I like to bake and cook, I decided to always prepare a bun or other small snack for them. We’ll talk together or play a board game. I have already agreed that our meetings will always be every other TuesdayMarie, 14 years old

I will be participating in a charity run to help a local hospital.” Klara, 10 years old

I will build a house for animalsNatálka, 11 years old

The children have until the end of November to do their good deeds and write us a report about them. At the beginning of December, the C4C Christmas committee will meet and select those young benefactors who deserve a new mobile phone under the tree. (Don’t be surprised if all of them qualify…)

We are really looking forward to the beautiful letters, photos and videos from “doing good deeds” 😊

We will keep you in the loop, OK?