C4C and Copy General’s Christmas celebration in Unhost senior home:


Looking back on 20+ years of cooperation, bringing hope and joy to children and elders alike.

In the spirit of giving and fostering a sense of community, Copy General and C4C, with the help of the children from Children’s Home  Unhošt, have joined forces in a heartwarming Christmas event, tailored specifically for the elderly in the Senior Home of the city of Unhošt .

“Today, we’re not only celebrating Christmas, but also the partnership of Copy General and C4C, which has endured for almost 25 years, thanks to the commitment  and engagement of Roman Petr,  Copy General’s CEO and his team “, comments Manfred Franke, C4C´s founder. “ He and Copy General truly have a stake in everything we’ve accomplished over the years.”

The festive gathering aimed to spread joy and create lasting memories, all the while feasting on Christmas cookies and Vanočka (traditional Czech Christmas bread) from C4C partner Kompek Bakeries. A highlight of the event was the decorating of gingerbread cookies – equally enjoyed by young and old.

Talented performers from Tanec Praha took the stage, showcasing a festive choreography that brought the spirit of Christmas to life. Children from children’s homes joined in this activity very happily.

Games added an element of friendly competition, with participants of all ages getting involved in activities.

Meanwhile, members of Copy General and Dr. Klaun, exemplifying the true spirit of the season, took time to visit bed-bound seniors, those who couldn’t join the gathering downstairs, room-by-room, bringing the holiday spirit and good wishes right to their bedsides.

As the event was coming to an end, the sounds of seasonal songs filled the air, accompanied by the joyful voices of those in attendance.

“In everyday life and hustle and bustle, we sometimes forget to do good things – just like that, selflessly, for joy. I am glad that we at Copy General took advantage of this unique opportunity and dedicated our time and energy, together with C4C, to a great intergenerational project before Christmas”, concludes Iva Hrůzová, Copy General´s HR manager and co-organizer of the event.

All´s good that ends good!