C4C goes on! Online. And you can help us too!



Dear Friends and Supporters of Chance 4 Children!

Greetings from our homes! We all now live in a bit of an unusual reality and in unprecedented times. We strive to be flexible and are setting new records: how to entertain and teach our kids at home instead of school – while still continuing our work! Some of us are even doing a completely different job because we cannot do what we used to do.  And, on top of all this, we try to stay healthy, do extra cooking as there is no more school canteen, we help sewing masks and or shop for people in quarantine. Last, but not least, we all are trying not to go crazy with the whole family bunched up in a small apartment. Favorite choices for weekend activities for some of us are now: “shall I go to the kitchen or the bathroom?” 🙂

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed. It’s a new day – but the show must go on!

C4C’s clowns are not visiting hospitals anymore and our teachers are not allowed to visit orphanages, our fundraisers are also out of work and our public collections have come to a standstill. Is it time to fold and give up? NO – NEVER!! We just had to adjust our mindset to be useful in a different way – in spite of facemasks and quarantine. Where there is a will there is a way!

Maybe there is a way we can help each other?

Only recently, we published the refreshingly unique children’s book “Fairytales to doodle by”, authored by C4C’s very own Martina Pupscikova. It can still be ordered and, singlehandedly, it is able to entertain children for a looooong time! All 251 pages of it! It also gives us parents some time to catch our breath while our kids read, draw and doodle. After all, it’s a book of fairytales with lots of space inside, specifically dedicated to doodle and draw. It also has educational underpinnings, as it was written from “the base” – with the direct input from children. Not “how an adult thinks fairytales for children should look like”, but written in a way that children will pay attention. We delivered this book to many hundred readers since its release and now is the time it can make you and your children or grandchildren happy too! Read about it and order it here:


At Darujme.cz you can order the book for yourself or to give it as a present to a child currently in the hospital. And you can feel the satisfaction of helping C4C as well: all proceeds go to make Chance 4 Children work even in this difficult situation. Let’s help each other, shall we? 😉

Introducing: C4C Online!  

For children at home and in hospitals – or even for children in quarantine, C4C has prepared a new YouTube channel: Our clowns, mentors, teachers and musicians are now creating online content. Videos full of fun, instruction, exercise, music – and anyone, anytime can join us and have fun for free. Children will appreciate that it will “legalize” the use of their mobile phones, parents will appreciate that they can take a moment off and breath 🙂 We are inserting new content continuously, so come and check us out. Be with us and we will be with you every day!


So let’s practice, sing and learn something new, draw or read a little, and especially stay fit physically and mentally.

Your all new, virtual C4C team!