C4C partner Alza.cz helps needy orphan with „electronic dowry“ ;-) for a successful start in life!


Providing a true „Springboard to Life“, Alza.cz makes transition into society easy for graduating  26 year old student, Martina, exiting her children´s home!

Authors: Manfred & Marketa Franke

C4C´s Springboard to Life initiative is all about helping young adults acquiring the necessary skills to transition into society and succeed in the job market. But there´s also an often overlooked material aspect to this transition: the necessary resources to get set up in life! That´s where C4C partner Alza.cz comes into the picture!

After a request letter from Martina, passed on to Alza by C4C, the company went above and beyond the call of duty to answer Martina in a BIG way! In response to her plea, Alza provided the following items for her:

  • big fridge
  • modern TV
  • washing machine
  • vacuum cleaner
  • microwave oven
  • curler
  • hand mixer
  • kettle
  • toaster

What a royal start in life, made possible by a company with a social responsibility concept that truly makes a difference for a transitioning young adult from a children´s home!

Thank you Alza, for giving a new meaning to C4C´s Springboard to Life initiative, making Martina´s wildest dreams come true! Having lent a helping hand in this way now for the 5th time, Alza has managed to become an important player in C4C´s efforts to help worthy young adults from challenging social backgrounds to find a start in life.