C4C receives 100.000 CZK check from DHL Freight to commemorate their 10 year partnership on behalf of children in need and at risk in the Czech Republic


Why settle for just one – if you can have two celebrations at the same time? International  transportation giant DHL Freight recently celebrated its 20 year anniversary of entering the Czech market – while at the time commemorating an enduring and extremely fruitful 10 year partnership with C4C, which has produced unprecedented results.

DHL Freight is a company with an obviously finely honed commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility”, explains Manfred Franke, founder of C4C. “Within the framework of our Robin Hood programDHL Freight has transported during the last 10 years more than 450 million CZK of new, brand name clothing, shoes and toys for socially challenged children here in the country – from Scandinavia, across the Baltic Sea, to our storage in Kladno.” He concludes: “We think that is just incredible and we’re looking forward to the next decade of successful cooperation with DHL, bringing smiles to faces of thousands of children less fortunate than our own!”

Pointing out the international flair the industry giant enjoys, Franke also joked that it was remarkable that he as a German spoke in English to a Czech audience while being translated by a Polish interpreter. “The humor of this particular setting doesn’t escape me”, he smiled to cheers from the audience.

The 100.000 CZK check was presented to the C4C team on stage by TV personality Iva Kubelkova and DHL Freight executive director, Vit Navrat, who commented during the ceremony:  “After successfully cooperating with C4C for a full decade now, it didn’t take long to decide to continue to support this organization in the future as well”.

The evening concluded with a stunning performance by the Vinohrady theater group, “A Flea in Her Hair”, directed by George Mencl, which was extremely well received, to much applause and laughter, by an enthusiastic and responsive audience!