Charity fashion show in Opočno – seniors donated 10.000 crowns to support Chance 4 Children!



When it comes to bringing joy, being inventive or doing unexpected things – age really doesn´t matter! Members of the Opočensko Seniors Association are living proof of it.

In cooperation with the town of Dobruška they managed to put together a truly out-of-the-box charity fashion show with garments received from a sponsor. Besides parading fashionable dresses down the catwalk, they also wrote and sang an original song for the occasion and with much charm and humor entertained all guests of the show. After that, all outfits were put up for sale and proceeds brought in a respectable 10,000 crowns, which will go directly to Chance 4 Children´s programs. The rest of the clothes that were not sold were accepted by the city of Dobruška to help Ukrainian refugees.

Markéta Franke accepted the money on behalf of C4C and complimented the energetic seniors:

“These cheerful “girls” have incredible energy. They managed to organize the event for several dozen people perfectly, put on a stunning show and managed to convince the visitors that helping is a good thing. They deserve great admiration and thanks!


Author: Zuzana Šrámková, Markéta Franke