Coaching with THE COACH!


C4C recently had the immense honour to host renowned coach PhDr. Marian Jelinek Ph.D. to address and inspire our annual gathering of directors and educators from Children’s Homes, cooperating with C4C’s HelpMate initiative, at the luxurious Corinthia Hotel Prague.

Passionate speaker, best-selling author, motivator, mentor and coach of distinction, Marian first came to fame coaching and mentoring world champion and gold medallist, Jaromir Jagr, for many years and helping him to become one of the greatest ice hockey players of all time. Marian’s career in sports psychology and coaching has spanned 35 years and he is the author of several best-selling books. Check him out here:

Marian’s lecture and the subsequent discussion with the 55 attendees stretched from the agreed upon 45 minutes to almost 2 hours, a time full of inspiration, reflection and discovery of new perspectives on life and work with children. He also brought his books to the discussion, which he happily signed at the end for those interested.

In conclusion, Marián said: “I greatly appreciate the work of the staff and educators of children’s homes.  I also thank C4C for their support for foster carers. The education and self-development of these workers is key to their impact on the lives of children entrusted to them.”

Director of the Children’s Home in Ledce, Roman Pejša, commented: “Thank you! It was an awesome and very inspiring meeting! Remarkable!”

A big THANK YOU goes to Marian for sharing his time and insights with us. We thank all the participants for their active participation in the meeting and for their feedback.

Both, Marian’s lecture and the conference facilities provided by the Corinthia Hotel, replete with refreshments and snacks, were offered complimentary and free of charge in recognition of C4C’s work with children less fortunate than others.

We here at C4C do not take their generosity for granted, but are deeply thankful and appreciative for their help to our cause.