CPI Hotels: with a help from a friend!



When this all started, I never realized, how many sectors were going to be touched by the quarantine and restrictions. Not only schools – which seemed as an unexpected additional holiday welcomed by most of the students and even by me as a mother and a big fan of homeschooling– but also businesses, theatres, cinemas, sport events, fun parks, etc. I realized, too late, that students finishing their last academic year in either primary or secondary schools will lose the best months before final exams and entrance exams with their schoolmates, and it’s still in question whether their graduation parties will take place. Pity. Great pity!

However, those proved to be only minor difficulties. Because I’m working for Chance 4 Children, I also started to think of children in hospitals our clowns are not allowed to visit now, or in children´s homes, where they are often „locked“ in their flats not being allowed to go out or to meet their friends from other family units. How exhausted and tired the staff of these facilities must be… I am ashamed to say, that I did not foresee or imagine this.

That is why I was very grateful, when the management of CPI Hotels contacted us in the middle of March with the offer of food, which could be given as a gift from their hotels to orphanages. It felt like a blessing to be able to help those facilities at least a tiny little bit.

The aid was donated in two deliveries. The first one took place on the 18th of March 2020. The food was transported from all hotels under CPI Hotels group to Clarion Hotel in Vysočany, where it was picked up by two of our clowns, František Konvalinka and Zuzka Blechová and delivered to four facilities: Klokánek Hostivice and three children´s homes: in Nové Strašecí, Unhošť and Ledce.

The second one, with huge amount of eggs, targeted even the senior home in Unhošť together with the children´s homes in Unhošť, Klánovice and asylum home in Kladno. I was most pleased that this time we could help also the children´s home Dubá Deštná, which contacted us already when we received the first shipment, but it was not possible to include one more facility at the time.

I think, CPI Hotels did a great thing. Yes, they helped with the donation of food, but as the director of the Dubá Deštná children´s home wrote us, “also psychologically, because we were not forgotten, somebody thought of us!”

And this wasn’t the only response we received:

“Hello, thank you very much for the donated food, the children are enthusiastic, most of all, of course, for the sweets :-))) You helped us very much. Those are hard days, and we, thankfully, have a fairly large piece of land where we can be with the children. And I have to say that I have a lot of potential in my employees, they manage it admirably, I am very grateful for it. Say hello to all the good people around you and see you in the future!” Zdeňka Slavíková, director of Children´s home Dubá Deštná

Ladies and Gentlemen from CPI Hotels, thank you for your support during a time, that is a very difficult one for us – during a coronavirus pandemic. All 50 children in the orphanage now stay all day in the orphanage and we have to provide a full day meal and program for them. We are very grateful for the food, particularly the eggs. In the attachment I am sending you picture of our young lady, who is studying to become a cook, and is preparing dinner (see bellow) for other children of her group. Thank you very much again!” Dana Kuchtová, director of Children’s Home Klánovice

“Hello, food has been delivered beyond our expectations, we can use these items above the dietary standards that we must follow. It is a welcome help for us, but especially for children, in this difficult time. We thank C4C and especially CPI Hotels for this.” Mgr. Milan Čížek, statutory representative of DD Nové Strašecí

“Hello, thank you to CPI Hotels and all the good-hearted people from C4C for the help you provided in the form of food for children from DD Ledce during this difficult time. You are our angels. We are looking forward to see you again, our friends. We wish everyone health, happiness and success in your work.” Children from Children´s home Ledce

“Hello, On behalf of the children and aunts of Klokánek Hostivice, I would like to thank you for the food we received from you in these difficult moments. I keep my fingers crossed for you to cope with this difficult situation and wish you good health. Have a nice day and thank you for your support, which we highly appreciate.”  Hanka Kupková, director of Klokánek Hostivice

“Hello, we wholeheartedly thank CPI Hotels and C4C for the food that you donated and brought to the children in our children’s home. We greatly appreciate your help and wish you all the best !!” Jiri Beranek, Children´s home Unhošť

This really touched me. A lot. I am grateful for all the amazing staff and management of the CPI Hotels, thanks to which we were able to provide aid for those facilities, as well as to Fantišek and Zuzka for their effort and time.

It really means a lot to all of us in C4C.

Have beautiful days!


Author: Zuzana Šrámková