Danone and ESA logistika: Working hand in hand to bring tasty treats to orphanages and senior homes



Author: Zuzana Šrámková

In autumn this year, our cooperation with dairy food giant Danone, which started two years ago when our teachers were not allowed to go to orphanages (more here and here), took off in a big way. At regular intervals of two weeks, Danone started to provide us with delicious food items, which our other long-time partner, ESA logistika a.s., then delivers to wherever it is needed – either directly to children’s homes and homes for the elderly, or to C4C´s warehouse space in Kladno, which is also generously provided by ESA.

Danone´s tasty treats have been already enjoyed in children´s homes in Unhošť, Česká Lípa, Jablonné v Podještědí, Příbram, Litoměřice, Krásná Lípa, or Dubá Deštná.

Yesterday we received our first shipment from Danone and right at dinner all the children had chocolate milk around their mouths!” wrote Zdeňka Slavíková, director of the children’s home in Dubá Deštná. “It will take us a while to eat and drink it all, but we are definitely looking forward to the next one.”

“Well, I can tell you, grandfathers and grandmothers are almost like children,” laughs Lenka Ungerová, director of the senior home in Unhošt’. “They really like fruity snacks and they liked also soy chocolate desserts, which they didn’t know before. We are really grateful to all of you. Thank you!”

Danone tasty treats get picked up and find their way to their various destinations, thanks to another one of C4C’s long-time supporters and partner, transport and logistic behemoth ESA logistika a.s.  Our cooperation has been going on for many years (you can read about it here), and we can count on their help whenever it is needed. Mr. Pup, Mr. Nový, Mr. Karas and Mrs. Fučíková – these are my main stars, alongside whom shine many others from the ranks of the company’s employees – literally supporting the running of our entire organization. I cannot express how much their help and generosity mean to us.

Both companies, through their kindness and big-heartedness, help the homes better cope with the most difficult challenge – their budgets! With the price of (not only) food rising, the food deliveries really bring much needed relief to the various homes. Since many of them are also somewhat exotic alternatives to dairy products, they in turn give birth to novel ideas to the kitchen staff on how to create snacks to make their constituencies happy. And we all know that items like infant milk or fruit pouches and snacks weigh heavy on the wallets of caregiving institutions.

I would like to thank both companies, Danone and ESA, from the bottom of my heart. Namely to Mrs. Párysová from Danone, with whom we coordinate the donation of products and who then communicates with Mrs. Fučíková from ESA for the deliveries. They are both Ladies with a capital L to me. And angels to boot 😊

Merci beaucoup, mes dames 😊