February 2007 marks start of second phase of SPRINGBOARD TO LIFE program!


After the successful launch of the initial pilot program in 2005, Chance 4 Children’s (C4C) SPRINGBOARD TO LIFE program (STL) is entering its expanded second phase with a wide variety of services being offered. Designed to teach extracurricular vocational skills to orhpans in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the program aims to relate a variety of classes and subjects to orphans to give them the vocational and social skills necessary to integrate seamlessly into society. Administered by a highly motivated team of roving teachers with a heart for children, the classes now being offered include:

1) English language skills
2) Baking/Cooking courses
3) Modern and classical dancing
4) Music/Guitar lessons
5) Computer literacy (planned)
6) Theater
7) Sense Laboratory (Creative Living)

These topics are being augmented by outings and events promoting social integration like bowling cups, dart tournaments, sports competitions with the aim of making these youngster, having been raised in institutions, feel a part of society. The response to the STL program as a whole so far as been overwhelmingly positive. Next upon the drawing board is now the MCLL (Mobile Computer Literacy Lab), a truck with 20-30 computer workstations serving Czech and Slovak children by teaching computer skills and literacy. C4C’s STL program is actively supported by the VODAFONE Foundation CR and the Rotary Club Bohemia, Prague.

Already endorsed by the Ministry of Informatics, this project could help up to 500 children annually to fetch diplomas in computer science, paving the way for much coveted job opportunities for them in the future.