Hairmates: Acquainting 12 youngsters from children´s homes with the opportunities the hairdressing profession offers – all in a spirit of professionalism and openness



Author: Markéta Franke

Martin Plesar is a successful and sought-after hairdresser who owns the Prague studio Hairmates. He has an open mind, a big heart and an amazing team of equally remarkable people around him.

Martin has offered to open his salon for an exclusive day for young adults from children’s homes. He invited his colleagues and friends: yoga practitioner Tobias, hairdressers Josef, Melanie and Monika, and three Lucie’s: one make-up artist, one photographer and one coordinator.

We contacted three orphanages – in Žatec, Krásná Lípa and Česká Lípa – from which one educator and 4 young people came to Prague on Sunday 4 December.

And it turned out to be a wonderful, relaxing day full of openness, trust, friendship and support.

While the young people were learning about yoga with Tobias, there was time for inspiring chats with the educators. Lucie then opened a workshop where everyone could create his or her vision board – a board of life dreams or goals – with her help:

“I really enjoyed it!” Aneta, one of the young ladies, beamed. “I didn’t know you could put ideas together so nicely. And I also did yoga for the first time. I really liked how everyone from Martin´s team was so nice to us and treated us as equals!

Meanwhile, Lucka the photographer and all the hairdressers got to work. They got their hands on just about everyone! Lucka the make-up artist then fine-tuned the look to make the final impression absolutely perfect.

The day passed in a curious chat about the hairdressing profession, the plans and aspirations of the young ones as well as personal values and the experiences of the older ones. Even the most closed souls began to open up, brighten up and enjoy the kind atmosphere.

I am studying to be a hairdresser,” said Vanesa from the children’s home in Žatec. “They teach us different things at school than what I heard here today. Everyone does it a little differently and I can learn from everyone. When I finish school, I would like to work with people like the ones here!

A day like a fairy tale,” reflects the enchanted educator Monika Dolejší. “We got this as a beautiful gift. We travelled by bus on purpose because our children have never taken the subway before. And we’re also going to the Christmas market.”

In the late afternoon, nobody wanted to go home. Martin’s words also captured the special atmosphere of the time spent together: “Absolutely meaningful afternoon. Thank you for arranging it, we all enjoyed it.”

We thank you too. We will all have beautiful memories captured in photographs and new friendships.

The Hairmate group gave the young people from the children´s homes a completely unforced and kind insight into their lives and work, opening up new horizons. What’s more, they played the role of positive role models.

And we thank them for that from the bottom of our hearts!