Hooray, YouTuber KOVY mingled with the kids in Olivovna sanatorium!



The 8th of September was a great day in the children’s sanatorium Olivovna in Říčany u Prahy! The famous YouTuber KOVY came here. The children, parents and staff, all were thrilled!

It was an extraordinary Wednesday, because we could rejoice twice: a rare visit as well as an extraordinary donation of 100.000 CZK, which Chance 4 Children received from Pangamin company as a support of C4C´s Dr. Clown project. It was sunny weather and a day full of games, balloons and KOVY´s signatures in the beautiful garden of the hospital.

Celebration, presents, fun – kids always  love it –don´t they? But even though there were some irresistible enticements for them, the biggest attraction and gift was still KOVY.

“KOVY, have you been to Egypt yet?” “Will you sign my shirt?” “And a cell phone?” “And a photo?” “And every page in the notebook?” 😊 questions poured in at the famous YouTuber, from twenty mouths at once and from all sides. The kids couldn’t keep their eyes off him.

KOVY was amazing and very accommodating and faced all requests with a smile. He may have never given so many signatures in one place in such a short time. After all, there were 75 children who flocked to him! And maybe Dr. Clown had never blown up and shaped so many balloon dogs and other animals in one place.

The Pangamin company also prepared gifts for the children and Dr. Clown also received a gift – that beautiful voucher for 100,000 CZK, which was ceremoniously handed over to KOVY, who immediately passed it on as a silent mail to Markéta Franke, the chairwoman of the Chance 4 Children Foundation.

This amount will go to the benefit of children’s smiles in the various hospitals where Dr. Clown cheers up children!  ” Markéta rejoices. “Thank you so much for this support!

At the end of the day came a photo shoot; with KOVY, of course. The first group of 35 younger children who played with KOVY have a group photo to commemorate the festive day. We printed it for them right on the spot and put it in Dr. Clown frames – just like C4C clowns do in hospitals when they print photos for hospitalized children to remember their new friends.

“The kids lined up like bananas for a photo,” laughs Dr. Clown Colorful Playing coordinator Martina.  “They rush to take the pictures to KOVY so he can sign it for them. They have to make it before dinner,” she adds.

Thank you to all the collaborating parties for a day that children really enjoyed: to Olivovna sanatorium – a beautiful place where we really love to come to visit children; Pangamin for its amazing support of Dr. Clown’s activities; our clowns; and finally to the most important person of the day: KOVY, who himself had an unconventional and exhausting experience working with children – because he really gave his all to entertain them!😊

Do you want to help too? Participate in other special days for children or seniors? Become a member of the Friends of C4C and Dr. Clown Club! Thanks to your support, Chance 4 Children can provide its services to hospitals and orphanages free of charge. Thank you for helping us to help.


Author: Martina Pupcsiková