How is the C4C channel on YouTube doing so far?



On the 17th of April, one month has passed since the launch of the C4C channel on YouTube, which we set up so that we could at least electronically connect with children in orphanages and hospitals to which we have lost access.

With our teacher Pavel Justich children or seniors can sing along to touching songs. Martina and Petra created tons of very inspirational creative videos on how to make for example a puppet theater, a space box, snake sticks and many other things for fun. Vendy, one of our clowns, is reading fairy tales from the book Fairy Tales to Doodle by (Pohádky k dočmárání) in her videos. Adults can also practice yoga or see where the food donated by CPI Hotels has ended up.

And the videos are not only for children, but also for seniors, who are now surely missing their grandchildren and other members of their families immensely. Our clowns Rafal and Martina, from Dr. Clown program, are certainly able to bring smiles back on faces of small kids as well as seniors. Special thanks goes to the General Partner of the Dr. Clown program – Kaufland. (

Our clowns, mentors and teachers created a total of 63 videos, which have so far had 2,957 views.

Along with them, children and seniors can also find Xindl X’s home concerts on our channel, as well as some videos made by Kovy or the legendary series Pat a Mat or Horseland.

The situation around quarantine and coronavirus has led us in C4C to create online content – something we’re absolutely not used to from previous years. However, from what we can see, it looks like we’ve adapted well to this challenge. And we will definitely continue!

With pleasure  😉

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our partners and sponsors for their continued help and support during these difficult times.

Author: Zuzana Šrámková