Introducing: Laughter Yoga! Come and laugh like hyenas with Jitka at the children’s home in Trnová



Author: Zuzana Šrámková

I really like life stories of the people I meet. It’s enriching to see how sometimes the mosaic of their destinies is put together, how something that didn’t make sense at the beginning takes them somewhere they might not have gone otherwise. Sometimes it can even be a seemingly unwelcome trait, even a handicap, that later helps us make the world and life of others easier. A snippet of such a story was recently sent to us by Jitka, one of our teachers. She does laughter yoga at the Trnová children’s home within the framework of C4C´s Springboard to Life program: 

Perhaps since I was a little girl I liked to laugh, later I think it was more like a “roaring” than a laughter. I had and have a loud laugh, not everyone likes it. So I used to try to muffle it so as not to disturb others. Then around 2010, at a crossroads in my life, I was wondering what to do next and a course for laughter yoga instructors came my way. So it was something for me. I decided I would try to put my laughter to good use and maybe even to “cultivate” it.

Yoga was definitely at the origin of this field, and today I mainly use breathing and stretching from it when I do it. After the course I started a laughter club in Pilsen, but honestly it didn’t catch on and didn’t take off that well. So I postponed “laughmaking ” – but not laughing.

Last summer I was invited to a summer course in yoga and African dance. There I met Vendy Tichotová, who introduced me to Chance 4 Children as a future Dr. Clown, and then came your offer to work with the children’s home in Trnová. I thought it was absolutely wonderful. From the first moment I felt good and happy there. Working with children fills me with happiness and joy. Maybe it’s also because it’s easier to make children laugh than adults, I’m always moved by those smiling and beaming faces. I’m really grateful for this opportunity and thank you for it.

Jitka has also an excellent feedback from children´s home itself:

Jitka is very nice, always smiling and full of positive energy,” wrote Helena Tichá, director of the children’s home. “The children love her, look forward to seeing her and even “obey” to her, because they respect her. This is a sign that they like the laughter yoga with her and even remember the routines. They usually meet on Mondays, and by Tuesday the kids are starting to ask questions: “When is Mrs. Jitka coming again?” 😊 She knows how to win the children over, they laugh, but also work out – stretch their bodies, and they do it in complete peace and quiet – all without admonishment. The kids are relaxed and sweet, I would say it recharges them. They’re grateful for any contact and laughter yoga is great for them.”