It’s that time o’year again…


…for the C4C team to get together and enjoy a day of sharing, workshops and fun!

The by now familiar venue, the prestigious Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, opened their doors wide again to welcome the C4C team, replete with snacks, drinks and a sumptuous dinner at the end – as always, on a complimentary basis and going out of their way to make the C4C crew feel welcome and appreciated.

„I don’t think the sponsorship of the Clarion management and the effect it had on our resources can be overstated“, mentioned Rafal Wojas, C4C co-founder. „Their support of our efforts has been relentless – for over a decade now!“

Kudos to general manager Tibor Bielik and his team, as they literally have gone the extra mile backing C4C’s work over the years!

Organized mainly by C4C’s very own Marketa Franke, Petra Erguvanli and Rafal Wojas, the bi-annual event adopted the traditional three-pronged approach, holding separate workshops and seminars for clowns on one side and teachers, mentors and coaches on the other and then, having the fund-raising teams joining them in the afternoon for the fun part – all sharing their achievements and experiences working with children’s homes and hospitals during the last half year.

The evening culminated in a common dinner prepared by the Clarion Hotel’s team of accomplished and celebrated cooks.

“Besides the workshops and seminars, which are important in themselves, of course, the latter part of sharing, getting to know each other and just having fun together around the dinner tables, is so important for building a team spirit and realizing that we’re all pulling together on the same rope”, smiles Marketa Franke, president of the C4C endowment fund, but also wearing a multitude of different hats in C4C’s “machinery”!

The program included a short interlude by C4C founder, Manfred Franke, who put together a historical slide show of the different stages of C4C’s developments during the last 28 years. He closed his presentation with a quote by the epic and unforgettable Mother Teresa:

“All our efforts are nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But without that drop, the ocean would simply not be the same!

A truth to be remembered for all those involved in making the world a better place, but being at times overwhelmed by the sheer complexity and multitude of human needs!


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