Kicking up dust on her kick-bike: 600 km for charity before she turns 60



Markéta Franke, chairwoman of the Chance 4 Children Foundation, set herself a lofty goal and challenge this coming April! She wants to ride over 600 km in 12 days on her kick-bike to raise 600.000 CZK for education in children’s homes.


Author: Martina Vaculíková

With her trip, Marketa wants to support C4C´s educational Springboard to Life initiative – a project close to her heart. She is actively involved as a mentor in children´s homes and is working with youngsters there as a coach and confidante, helping them with their many needs and challenges.

“Education means a better chance for the future for these children and that´s something very important to me,” remarks Marketa, herself a mother of four. “After leaving their foster environments, it is knowledge and skills that make all the difference and are a deciding factor in finding gainful employment and housing.  Education will help them to not fall into debt and to integrate meaningfully and smoothly into society. It really warms my heart when I see the enthusiasm of my mentees and the changes in their lives because someone pays attention to them.“

And here´s Marketa´s challenge: She will soon be 60 years old and wants to ride her kickbike for more than 600 km along a route that forms a symbolic 6 on the map. She wants to collect CZK 600,000 for the education of children in children’s homes. The kick-off of her adventure is on April 11th in Krásná Lípa and the trip will end in Kačice April 23rd. While on the way, she´ll visit children’s homes where C4C teachers are active.

Your challenge is: To support every meter of Markéta’s journey. Each meter is worth 1 CZK, 100 meters = 100 CZK, 500 meters = 500 CZK, 1 Km = 1000 CZK and so on… Each crown raised will be transformed into a better future for children. Just click here to support her.

We are also looking for other passionate sponsors for her ride, who will in turn be part of the media promotion. We are looking for a General Partner (CZK 150,000) and Partners for each Day (CZK 20,000). If anyone would like to support us, please write to We´ll get back to you right away.  Or support us directly to our account: 444744369 /0800, IBAN CZ26 0800 0000 0004 4474 4369.

Markéta puts everything into her journey: she “sacrifices” her legs and face all weather conditions and possible pitfalls of a long journey. You can watch it in (almost) real time on FB “Chance 4 Children” or on YouTube “Chance 4 Children”. All the “W”s are there:  Where does she go,  What does she manage, Who does she meet along the way, When is she Where? As you know: having a plan is one thing, the possible pitfalls of the trip are an entirely different matter. Tune in, the videos of each day might be fun to watch.

Seven years ago, Markéta already rode a similar challenge on her kick-bike, and yet, or precisely because of that, she rides again. We have already managed to raise money together once. Can we do it again? Every crown will be a great motivation for Markéta to keep going! Keep your fingers crossed for her, it won’t be easy.