Logistical Meeting with Representatives of DHL – a Transport Company With a Heart For Children!


Chance 4 Children (C4C) is now looking back on many years of successful cooperation with transportation giant DHL. The company is taking its social corporate responsibility seriously and is offering Chance 4 Children free and complimentary transportation for aid shipments. Many of these shipments for C4C’s ROBIN HOOD program come from abroad, most of them from countries as far away as Norway and Sweden. Containing mostly high value clothing like H&M, Marlboro Classics, Helly Hansen and other popular brand names, transport across the Baltic Sea can be time consuming and costly.

“Shipments like this would be very costly for us to facilitate without outside help,” comments Manfred Franke, Chairman and founder of C4C. “Without the active involvement and the generosity of the management of DHL, these shipments would simply be too expensive for us to handle!” This makes DHL an integral part of the ROBIN HOOD program, the success of which depends not only on the manufacturers’ willingness to donate, but also on the availability of transport to the receiving country, in this case the Czech Republic.

So with this we would like to express our thankfulness and appreciation to Jorge Vacca and Pavla Krapova of DHL Express Praha, for their invaluable help and assistance and for helping to make our ROBIN HOOD program the success that it is.