Meet C4C’s Big Ear – Bara Neuwirthova!



Bara is C4C’s resident psychologist, lending a listening ear to children living in orphanages in the greater Prague area.

“My job is simply to be available for anyone who needs to talk about something, confide in someone, or simply just needs to blow off steam about worries and challenges”, says Bara, who has been working for C4C for the past two years, providing psychologist services for the orphanage in Kralupy, working with children individually and in groups.

“Bara’s work with children has been much appreciated by the management and staff of the Kralupy orphanage”, comments Katka Wojasova, C4C’s “Springboard to Life” project manager. So much so, she says, that the idea was born to offer Bara’s services to a much greater audience: all eight orphanages in the greater Prague area!

“After counseling with various orphanages as to what concrete assistance they would need in the coming year, most of them agreed that psychological services topped their list”, explains Katka. “Growing up in state sponsored institutions brings with it many challenges that “normal” children will never face. Hence, in most orphanages there is an urgent need for a professional who can help resident children sort out their particular problems and challenges, provide a sympathetic ear and help them cope.”

Bara will soon introduce herself to her new constituency via meetings and seminars. In the meantime she has send a personal message that is now posted in the children homes she will be servicing. In it she introduces herself and offers to be an empathic, sympathetic ear and a mentor and coach. The last paragraph reads:

“That’s why I’m part of C4C. To offer the opportunity and listen to what you have on your heart. It can be anything- maybe you have problems at school, or you’re facing a disagreement with your friend or an adult. Maybe you need to discuss with someone what to do next, what kind of school to choose or a job opportunity…. – we can discuss it all.”

We wish Bara all the best as she takes on more responsibility and with her “Big Ear” reaches out to more children in the future.