Meet Natalka – C4C´s newest team member!


At age 16, she is also our youngest member.

Natalka is studying social services at the Lyceum in Kladno. What started for her as a compulsory internship with C4C, turned into her becoming a permanent member of our Dr. Klaun team, visiting hospitals administering a more toned-down version of the popular hospital clown program: Playing with Colors! Different from Dr. Klaun´s classic “clowning around“, PwC brings a calming effect into childrens wards and it´s typically used in children´s wards like psychiatry and oncology, however, it managed to proliferate into other classic wards as well.

At just 16 years of age, Natalka is full of ideas and possesses a lot of empathy which helps her to connect with her little patients easily“, says Martina Vaculikova, who trained Natalka in April and May of this year in her new craft.

Natalka connects great with children of all ages and can even get teenagers, who on occassion can display a thing called “attitude“ 😉, interested in this special form of art therapy.

Says Natalka with her trademark big smile: “Bringing ‘Playing with Colors’ into the hospital and spending time with children who need to be distracted from their sometimes difficult lots, gives me deep satisfaction and it makes me happy to bring others joy as well.

Welcome to the team, Natalka! Glad to have you onboard!