A computer for Linda! The story of mentor Monika, her mentee Linda and the great people at Etnetera



One of Chance 4 Children’s programmes where we work with children from orphanages is the Springboard to Life programme, which, among other things, involves mentoring specific children in orphanages.

Over the years, volunteers who are willing to dedicate themselves to a specific child from an orphanage, become their guides on the path to life outside of institutional care. It is not always easy and the relationship with the child has many pitfalls, but it often leads to an amazing and immensely rewarding experience  for both mentor and mentee.

Among C4C mentors are also long-time veterans who have been mentoring children for years. And one such an amazing person is Monika Kavanová, mentor to Linda from the children’s home in Žatec.

“I got together with Linda when she was fifteen and we still meet regularly,” says Monika. “For children from institutional care, leaving the children´s home and transition into society, is always a huge challenge. One way to prepare children for this is to expose them to “normal” life on an  on-going basis. Help, such as finding a summer job or helping them to create a financial plan, is absolutely invaluable. It’s not always easy, but the kids deserve it, and persistence bears fruit.”

After elementary school, Linda was accepted into vocational high school and has worked with C4C on summer jobs at the Zátiší Group and Hotel Adam – each time with excellent evaluations of her dedication, reliability and diligence.

This year, Monika approached us with the request that Linda, now 19, leaving the children´s home, had to give up her borrowed laptop, which was a prerequisite for her to continue her studies.

Linda graduated from vocational high school, where she was awarded the Certificate of Good Practice, which is issued by the District Chamber of Commerce to students who demonstrate excellent work performance during their studies,” smiles Monika, who is rightfully and justifiably proud of her protégé. “She has obtained her teaching certificate and has decided to pursue distance learning at a private school where she wants to get her matriculation. However, she has to earn money for tuition, board and lodging during school.”

So we turned to our friends at Etnetera, a company that focuses on IT and online application development. From there we got the  good news that they could help with a laptop for Linda.

“We asked for the parameters of the laptop in order to provide her with one that she would need for her studies,” explains Jakub Frydrych, who with his colleague, Vojta Marek, selected the computer.

And then everything went quickly. We chose the most sensible option for Linda, the guys from Etnetera “loaded” the machine with the necessary software and through Markéta Franke the laptop was delivered to Monika and then to Linda.

On the day after the handover, we received an email:

“I would like to thank you very much for the computer. This is the first e-mail I am writing from this computer. I am looking forward to using it for school and for fun. Thank you so much! Linda Klocová”

“I also want to add my thanks in Linda’s name,” adds Monika. “Linda was very happy and I believe that the computer will make it easier for her to continue with school. I hope her determination to get her high school diploma will last and I wish her lots of energy and happiness.  ”

We wish Linda every success in her studies and beyond,” Jakub from Etnetera sends his greetings and adds an invitation: “If you’re ever in Prague together, feel free to stop by for a coffee.”

A big Thank You from us here at Chance 4 Children as well. We are extremely appreciative of the helping hand that our partners and supporters give us. And fingers crossed Linda manages to combine school and work!


Author: Zuzana Šrámková

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