Singing over the fence – or how our clown girl Vendy sings and plays for seniors in Pilsen!



After two months of emergency, I was finally allowed to visit seniors from the Home of St. Alois in Pilsen. I had to stay outside behind the fence, but at least I could see them again! I even came with my dog Márlíček, with whom we have been going there regularly for several years to practice yoga and sing. I missed them so much already!

It was a beautiful, touching meeting. I handed over pictures and letters from Pilsen children and children from kindergartens, which I collected before, to “my” grandmothers and grandfathers in the senior home:,

Márlíček was even allowed to go and stay among the inhabitants of the home and everyone was happy about it! Each one of the elderly people could give him a snack and caress him :-).

We talked for a while and then suddenly one grandmother, who had never sung much before, started singing all by herself! I was very pleasantly surprised! We all started singing and I played the ukulele.

You should see all those shining eyes, we were so happy to see each other again. It warms my heart so much that I could make them happy and tell them that I love them all!

I love “working” with children and seniors; they are immediate, sincere, open, they like to sing, they are creative and have great wisdom, purity and depth in them. I am grateful to be able to be part of it.


Author: Vendy Tichotová, clown of the C4C

The Dr. Clown program is generously sponsored by Kaufland Česká republika

If you would like to know more about her, see here:[0]=68.ARB4xtrhb4e3KvN77Uda-Yek7rX6eEDobXWhQIrz0GjVBrM1ePxhsu2euG5cRih-UGinfGYa6L5UoNGQ9ErqlUp0Dt-KQrPuRwD8wWkQS2Nw62csPJU7YHSuCa-uw34dphTJHEvvgpLsUde0UE9nyJPaUT78GFZ6qpvWmAcm-wW4TAY-7EYfv5AL57Y15RDYP5oj3zHbnUF_uvQh&__tn__=CH-R