Skoda Tukas & C4C: making a difference together




This year, Skoda Tukas and C4C teamed up to make a difference in the lives of children at risk and in need. Meet C4C’s new Skoda Octavia, kindly donated to the C4C team by Skoda Tukas .

To successfully operate a non-profit like C4C, the need for dependable transportation just about tops the list of physical as well as financial requirements. Transport isn’t cheap; vehicles and their upkeep usually rank prohibitively high on the balance sheet, as cars are needed to transport goods and personnel – our clowns, teachers, mentors and staff.

“The use of the Octavia saves us tremendous financial resources – costs which we can return to the children we serve on an everyday basis”, comments Petra Erguvanli, C4C’s Springboard to Life project manager.

Apparently, donating a car, plus insurance and maintenance cost, is still not enough involvement for team Tukas. They were also chomping at the bits on the 5th of October to do some real hands-on work, practicing their Social Responsibility skills at the Dolni Pocernice children’s home. The children’s home is one of the many orphanages C4C supports within the framework of their Springboard to Life program, teaching vocational and practical skills to young residents there to make them employable and help them to successfully integrate into society.

Led by Jiri Jandl, the Tukas team showed up with 10 managers to help with the “Bicycle skills and Traffic Safety Day” the Dolni Pocernice children’s home is organizing on an annual basis at Camp Dolni Pocernice, a local campground. They soon made themselves indispensable by tackling every job thrown at them, from putting up signs to helping with the organizing.

Team Tukas did a great job,” smiles Mr. Lněnička, director of the orphanage. “They really rolled up their sleeves and got involved!“

There was indeed lots to do, as 22 children’s homes, from as far away as Ostrava and Čeladná, arrived to participate in the event and learn useful safety skills in today’s complicated traffic environment.

So, here’s to team Tukas: thank you so much for the car and for helping out so whole-heartedly in Dolni Pocernice!