The Making of a Clown!


Or, what it takes to become a hospital clown.

Most folks, when thinking of a clown, routinely imagine a circus clown, wearing heavy make-up, oversized shoes and a grotesque outfit. The harlequin! Or, a rather dark, bloodstained “Joker”. But hospital clowns actually have very little in common with these stereotypes. Hospital clowns are dedicated and highly trained professionals, carefully selected for the particular skills it takes to work in contemporary, very complex hospital environments. They wear very little make-up.

To keep our expanding clown team staffed, the Dr. Klaun team is constantly looking for individuals who have what it takes to become a full-fledged hospital clowns. Our latest recruiting drive focused on the Ostrava region. In response to an ad we placed there, we got an incredible 87 responses, out of which we chose 10 responders for the first casting – seven of which would go on to join the Dr. Klaun team. Click here to read how a typical ad may be framed, in case you’re interested in becoming a clown.

So, Rafal Wojas, C4C co-founder and director of the Dr. Klaun initiative, set out on the long trip to Ostrava for the casting and selection of finalist.

“We were thrilled with how the new candidates applied themselves to the learning process. They’re truly unique and precious individuals and we are looking forward to the completion of their training to see them become the source of joy and happiness in the lives of hospitalized children and seniors”, comments Rafal with a warm smile.

The workshop and casting focused on:

  • Finding the clown within you
  • Improvisation
  • Clown psychology
  • Learning to work with props and bringing them to life
  • Rhythm and emotions
  • Expressing yourself through your body language
  • Using the body as a form of communication
  • Problem solving as a clown

Down the line, all our clowns undergo regular, in-depth training in collaboration with: psychologists, actors, musicians, magicians, improvisers and other professionals, focusing on patient needs and how to meet them.

The reactions of the new Dr. Klaun team members were touching:

Dorianne: I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful project. Thanks to the whole clown team!

Arnost: I felt as if we had known each other for 10 years – a great group full of humor and joy.

Taťána: You are all amazing and unique. I thank each one of you and I am grateful and happy that I can be part of this “new Crew”, that I can learn from all of you and get inspired so that I can help heal with a smile. Thank you that I can finally step out of my comfort zone and do what makes sense!

 Finally, a BIG THANK YOU to C4C’s partner and benefactor for many years –CPI Hotels and the Imperial Hotel Ostrava, who provided a complimentary hotel room for Rafal and team, breakfast and dinner, as well as a space to conduct the workshops.

Way to go, CPI!!

P.S. Dr. Klaun offers its services for free to hospitals nationwide. It is supported by folks like YOU! Click here to make a donation and share a smile with somebody in dire need of it. Thank you!