The Show Must Go On! A word from C4C’s founder, Manfred Franke



To say that we’re living through strange times seems almost like an understatement. More aptly, times actually border on dystopia and none of us knows if things will really ever go back to what we considered “normal” before. Uncertainty and insecurity abounds, a large part of the populace is fearful and distraught about the future, wondering, where not only the country, but also the world is going? Will the economy recover, is my job secure, when will the next pandemic hit and what will be the consequences? – To list just a few questions being asked by many.

Here at C4C things have also drastically changed – our clowns, mentors and teachers can’t visit their respective constituencies anymore: institutionalized and hospitalized children and (as of last year) the elderly as well. Since hospitalized children now also have to forgo contact with parents and relatives and are extremely isolated, institutionalized children can’t go to school or even out of their children’s homes anymore and the elderly are even more forlorn and isolated now than ever before – we here at C4C made the decision that, come what may:


So, without any ado, our talented coaches, mentors, teachers and clowns went into hitherto unknown realms of communication – the production of online video content for children and the elderly! And, truly rising to the occasion, they really outdid themselves! Consequently, during the last 14 days, C4C produced 43 videos, generating already more than 2250 views on our YouTube channel!

Check it out:

It’s really amazing, and I’m proud of the fact that our team has adapted so quickly to the new realities and that C4C is continuing to make a difference in the lives of the children at risk and in need. It’s a privilege for me to serve along-side these idealistic and motivated folks in this battle. The situation also bears witness to the truth of the old adage, that: ”when the going gets tough – the tough get going!”

Good job, C4C!

Needless to say, we’re all looking forward for the crisis to end and for things to normalize. Meaning, in our case, to be able to resume our regular Dr. Clown visits, spreading our Laughter Therapy to recovering, hospitalized children and have our teachers return to their tasks of helping institutionalized children claim their place in society, find a job and integrate.

On the financial side, we’re struggling, of course, as we lost the income from our three popular Public Collections, which accounted for the lions share of our ongoing fundraising efforts. The good news is that most of our private sector partners have not forsaken us and are continuing their support. I think this would be a good time to call some of the notable ones out and throw in a pitch for them as well – they are more than deserving – please, if you can, patronize them and give them your business:


Copy General

Strojservis Iveco

Stillking Films

Komix Ltd.

Graffitti Networks

Kompek Kladno, Bakeries

Jaros & Partners

ESA Logistics

Uniservis Hasek


City Sightseeing Prague

CPI Hotels


All our staff agreed to a pay cut during these difficult times, and as long as our reserves last, we’re happy to pay them for their wonderful efforts to keep C4C going!

Those of you who know me, will know that I’m not a fan of big, emotional “poor me” type fundraising efforts. During the past 25 years we’ve been blessed with partners, friends and supporters who have been at our side because they were happy to make a difference alongside of us – needing not much hardcore persuasion technics, quid-pro-quo, or over-the-top fundraising pitches to come or stay onboard.

However, as the financial situation at present is more than dire and funds are drying up quickly as we continue to remunerate our staff, teachers and clowns, albeit somewhat reduced, please allow me to put in a soft pitch to those of you who can afford to give an extracurricular gift at a of need: Please help!

Here’s one way, if you allow me to point you to our last article, here, featuring the book C4C has co-published with our very own Martina Pupcsikova, the author. It’s a book of modern fairy-tales, created with the input of children and illustrated by children the stories were being read to in hospitals. It’s quite extraordinary and will keep children busy for hours. It’s called “Fairytales to doodle by” (best translation possible) or in Czech “Pohádky k dočmárání”.

It’s available for 490 CZK, including shipping. All profits benefit C4C. You can buy a single copy, multiple copies for the moms in your company, you can even buy one and gift one for a child in a hospital. It’s actually a win-win for all involved.

What are you waiting for? You can order it here, or use the QR code (bellow).

Otherwise, you can also just make a regular donation to the C4C account. If you say COVID-19, we will, as a thank you, publish your name as a donor on a web page we’ll specially create for this.

OK, end of fundraising pitch. If you’re still reading, you must be somewhat interested… Ha!

So, I’ll end this with a big THANK YOU to everyone involved in keeping C4C on the map and able to continue to be a blessing to many – still. We’re thankful to have you all on our team!