Three New Cars for C4C!


A dream came true for the Chance 4 Children (C4C) team this month, as three new cars were added to their car fleet. The cars, two Fabia Combis and one Iveco Transport Van, were made available to Chance 4 Children through sponsorship of Hertz Rent a Car, Prague, and Skoda Nevecom in Kladno. Both firms are long time supporters of C4C.

“For us it’s really a dream come true,“ says Vaclav Cermak, C4C‘s project manager. “In the past we had to keep bugging our friends and sponsors to borrow cars pretty much all the time, as we only had two vehicles on a permanent basis.“ One of them, the mascot of the team, is a 13 year old Skoda Forman. Donated in 1997 to C4C by Daryl Brooks, of Aggressive Roadbuilders in Canada, it has served the team reliably for many years! Everyone has grown quite fond of the old jalopy, but after more than 300.000 km(187.500 miles) in service for C4C, it can now finally look forward to its much deserved retirement!

It’s an entirely new sensation for the staff to be able to step out and have a vehicle waiting when it is needed – something the team in the past, for the most part, could not take for granted. All together, this was really an important step forward for the C4C team, as mobility equals greater effectiveness of C4C’s humanitarian efforts.

“Most of all, we’re very thankful for the generosity of our dear sponsors, Hans Christian Zink from Hertz and Tomas Nedved from Skoda Nevecom. We hope that they both will benefit in very tangible ways from our association as well!“ comments Manfred Franke, C4C founder and chairman. “Need to rent or buy a car? Why not give these great companies your patronage? Mention C4C and they’re likely to give you a great deal“, he adds with a twinkle in his eyes, putting in a pitch for his sponsors.

And while we’re at it, making pitches that is, in closing, it is only fair to mention that C4C’s fourth vehicle, a Skoda Octavia, was donated to the team by Katharine Butler, owner of Sparkys gift shops. You can find one in a mall near you, just in case a last minute present is needed. They have a great selection of gifts and presents for just about any occasion……