Tons of goodwill and kindness in one place – the village of Doksy´s Arts and Creative Crafts Day raises 26.700 CZK for C4C!



Organized by C4C´s Martina Pupcsiková and the Živé Doksy z.s., the event was bathed in sunshine on this last Sunday in September – and good vibes were emanating from all attending. At C4C´s invitation, 15 youngsters from the Nové Strašecí children´s home were invited to join in and share the fun and excitement. Free vouchers for refreshments were generously passed out to all of them by the municipality of Doksy – to make sure the kids had not only bright eyes, but also full bellies…;-)

I am amazed at the spirit of community togetherness that still exists here,” smiles Martina Pupcsiková, “Well done, Doksy!!” 😊

The main entrance was manned by C4C´s Dr. Klaun team: Zuzka, František, Rafal and Martinka. Besides collecting voluntary entrance donations for C4C´s hospital clown initiative, the clowns also delighted the young folks with their animal balloons and funny skits.

Thank you very much, Doksy! In total, we received 26.701 CZK through contributions by the exhibitors, entrance fees and donations received for Martina Pupsikova´s book ´Fairy Tales to Doodle by´!” thanks Rafal Wojas, co-founder of C4C and coordinator of the Dr. Clown project.

Exciting on site artsy-crafty activities ranged from ceramics painting, spinning clay, mosaic making, bobbin making, glass cutting, painting stones to making cards and chocolate treats. All these activities were so popular that their providers hardly had time to catch a breath and eat and drink themselves… 😊

Highlights of the day were the falconer Pavel Řehek with his birds of prey and owls, (who patiently shared with children interesting facts from the bird kingdom and had his feathered friends perform flights right above the children´s heads), the Panda Banda drumming band, Diskotačení Bára Ladrová and singer Jakub Vostřák.

The smiling faces and the visibly good mood of all attending bore witness to the fact that the event was a smashing success. Hopefully, there will be a repeat performance of it next year. This is an experience we all need – if only for the sheer amount of good will!

And if you too want to support C4C’s work, become a member of the Friends of C4C and Dr. Clown Club. Your support makes it possible for us to help children less fortunate than others, go cheer up children in hospitals, orphanages, and seniors in retirement homes. Thank you!

Authors: Martina Pupcsiková, Zuzana Šrámková and Manfred Franke